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There are several of us involved with BestGamblingSites.com, and we all share one thing in common – a passion for gambling in one form or another. Most of us have been gambling for many years, since long before the internet, and some of us even make our living out of gambling. We have witnessed how the internet has changed the way many people do their gambling, with the appearance of online gambling sites making the various forms of gambling far more accessible than ever before.

Your Guide to Online Gambling

We created BestGamblingSites.com to help fellow gamblers get the most out of their gambling by providing an informative guide to online gambling. We have produced a resource that we believe to be both comprehensive and, most importantly, accurate. If you are completely new to online gambling, or even gambling in general, then you will find a wealth of information on this site that you really need to know. If you are more experienced in online gambling, you will surely understand the need to find the right gambling site, and our system for rating sites in specific categories will help you find the best online gambling sites for your needs.

This website is regularly updated to reflect the constant changes and developments in the online gambling world. We are proud that we offer a genuinely useful service to our readers. There is no confusing or conflicting information here – we strive to keep the site as simple as possible and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Our Experience

As seasoned gamblers, we have watched with interest how gambling has evolved dramatically over relatively recent times. Traditionally, betting on sports would mean a trip to a bookmaker’s shop to place your bet, and to play casino games, you would have to pay a visit to a brick-and-mortar casino. Finding a decent poker game could mean traveling miles or organizing your own home game, and you could only play bingo when your local bingo hall had a game on.

It is all very different now, and online gambling sites allow you to partake in all kinds of gambling from the comfort of your own home. Online sports betting sites mean you can place a wager on pretty much any sporting event you can imagine at any time you want. You can play your favorite casino games for real money whenever you feel like it, just by logging into an online casino site. There are online poker sites where you can play other players from around the world at any time of the day or night and online bingo sites with bingo games running around the clock. You can even play skill games, like backgammon or rummy online, against other players and wager money on the outcome.

In the early days of online gambling, there was a smaller amount of gambling sites to choose from, and they were largely of a similar standard. However, as online gambling has increased in popularity, the number of gambling sites on the internet has exploded, and the quality of these sites can range from simply awful to absolutely superb. If we have learned one thing over the last few years, it is that our choice of online gambling sites has a significant impact on both the enjoyment and profitability of our gambling exploits. Best Gambling Sites came about as we know how difficult it can be to find the right online gambling site, and we wanted to share the benefits of our own experiences to make it easier for others.

Our Goal

Online gambling is incredibly popular, which explains why there are so many online gambling sites on the web. As enthusiastic gamblers ourselves, we greatly appreciate just how much online gambling sites have made it easier for us to indulge in our passion. We also recognize that, for many people, the prospect of getting involved with online gambling is a daunting one, and it can be difficult to know where to start. There is a simply massive range of online gambling sites on the web, and the standard of these sites can vary greatly. We have also discovered that there is much conflicting information on the internet about online gambling sites. It can be an almost impossible task to determine the best gambling sites for your own needs.

We are very much of the belief that it is important to make an informed decision about where to do your online gambling and that it is a decision that should be based on a variety of factors. One factor, in particular, is the form of online gambling that you are interested in. These days, many gambling sites are not focused on just one area of gambling and will offer a variety of different gambling-related services – for example, you might find a gambling site that offers sports betting, casino games, poker, and bingo. In some ways, this is a positive, but we have found that many gambling sites might be perfect for one form of gambling but not great for others.

Therefore, the primary aim of BestGamblingSites.com is to list the best sites for the different forms of online gambling. We have avoided using ratings such as marks out of ten, as we believe that such rating systems are ultimately subjective and not really that useful for our readers. Instead, we list a selection of what we have found to be the best gambling sites in certain categories based on our own collective experiences and research. We have broad categories such as the best sports betting websites or best online casinos, and we also have very specific categories. For example, we have produced lists of the best gambling sites for betting on individual sports and the best casinos for playing particular casino games.

In addition to providing these lists of recommended gambling sites, we also explain why these sites are recommended and explain the attributes and qualities that these sites have. Essentially, our goal is not just to tell you which online gambling site you should sign up at. We want to help you fully understand what sort of criteria you should consider when making your choice. This way, you can be sure that you will be making an informed decision and signing up at the gambling site best suited to you and your own personal preferences and requirements.