China Gambling Sites

The people of China spend billions of dollars gambling each year. Although gambling is technically only legal in the Macau region of China, online gambling sites have made it much easier for people all over the country to gamble. The Chinese government realizes that gambling makes their country a lot of money and they are working on making it legal in more locations. Right now, there is a national lottery that is legal for players anywhere in China. The best Chinese gambling sites allow players to bet on the most popular Chinese sports, play classic poker games and try their hand at exciting casino games.

China Online Gambling Information

Because gambling is illegal throughout most of China, the country does not give licenses to any online gambling sites. This forces Chinese gamblers to play at foreign gambling sites. Although this is technically illegal, the Chinese government has a hard time stopping them. China has implemented Internet filtering systems, but players still find ways to gamble at foreign sites.

Gambling sites often cater specifically to Chinese players because they know how profitable gambling in China is. Chinese gambling sites offer their services and software in Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of China. They accept deposits in Renminbis, which is the official currency of China. Many foreign gambling sites even accept payments from Chinese bank cards.

Qualities Of The Best Chinese Gambling Websites

The Chinese government does not regulate or license online gambling sites. It is important to select a reputable China gambling site that you know provides trustworthy service. The best Chinese gambling sites have been operating for many years. If a site has been around for a long time, it is more likely to have responsible practices that keep players coming back for more.

The best Chinese gambling sites make it easy for players to deposit money into their accounts. The China UnionPay bank card is the most popular way to deposit money in China. The best Chinese gambling sites accept this card in addition to allowing bank transfers, eWallet transactions and Visa and MasterCard deposits. Although a lot of gambling sites accept deposits in the Chinese Renminbi, you will want to make sure the site you choose also accepts this currency in order to avoid having to convert your money.

The best Chinese gambling sites let players play games and bet on sports that are popular in the country. The most popular sport to wager on in China is horse racing. The best China gambling sites allow you to place many different kinds of wagers on several horse racing events. In addition, the Asian Pacific Poker Tour has caused Texas Hold’em to surge in popularity in China. The best Chinese gambling sites have several poker tournaments and table games for Chinese users.

Online gambling in China is extremely popular and profitable despite it being illegal in most of the country. The best China gambling sites allow you to play all of the most popular casino and poker games in a secure online environment.

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