Italy Gambling Sites

Gambling has been legal in Italy for hundreds of years. However, during the 1900s, gambling became taboo because it was associated with the mafia. Today, the popularity of gambling in Italy is at an all time high. Italians gamble billions of Euros each year. More and more, Italian gamblers are turning to online gambling sites for their gaming needs. For a time, the Italian government attempted to make online gambling illegal. They soon realized it was impossible to stop people from gambling online and gambling sites are now completely legal throughout Italy.

Italy Online Gambling Information

The Italian government passed a decree in 2007 making all online gambling legal. Since then, the country has given permits to thousands of gambling sites. Both Italian and foreign based sites acquired licenses, which means that Italian gamblers have no shortage of gambling sites to choose from. The best Italian gambling sites give players the option to view their website and software in Italian, the official language of Italy. Italian players should have no trouble making transactions on Italy gambling sites because almost every major site accepts deposits and withdrawals in Euros, which is the official currency in Italy.

It is important to note that the Italian government has tried to block players from playing on foreign gambling sites that have not obtained a permit. This is good for Italian gamblers because their government only gives permits to online gambling sites that provide reputable services. Players make themselves susceptible to scams or fraud when they play at gambling sites that have not been given a permit by the Italian government.

Poker and sports betting are more popular than casino games in Italy. The best Italian gambling sites realize this and offer players plenty of possible wagers and poker variations. Although not as popular, most Italy gambling sites also feature video slots, roulette and craps.

Find The Best Italian Gambling Sites

The best Italy gambling sites offer a welcome bonus to entice new players to sign up. This bonus is only given on first deposits. The best sites offer welcome bonuses that match a large percentage of a player’s initial deposit. Players will not have to worry about converting currency or exchange rates because most Italy gambling sites provide their bonuses in Euros.

The best Italy gambling sites allow players to use several deposit methods to claim their welcome bonus. The most popular deposit methods in Italy are credit cards, wire transfers and eWallet services. The best Italy gambling sites encrypt all information during the transaction process to protect against fraud or identity theft.

The Italian government spends a lot of time regulating Italy gambling sites to make sure they offer quality customer service. The best Italy gambling sites offer 24/7 customer support by email, online chat, fax or a toll free number.

Although looked down upon for much of the 1900s, the popularity of gambling in Italy is at an all time high. The best Italy gambling sites let players gamble and win money in a safe, secure environment.

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