New Zealand Gambling Sites

New Zealand is a geographically isolated country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Its small population is composed mainly of people of European descent; however, there is also a relatively prominent indigenous population known as the Maoris. A combination of New Zealand’s small size, geographic isolation and flourishing industrial economy has unique implications for its gambling laws. Ultimately, these laws block domestic online gambling, but allow New Zealand’s residents to use overseas-based online gambling sites. As such, the best New Zealand gambling sites are either controlled by the government, or are based overseas and cater to New Zealand’s population.

Information About Online Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand has unique gambling laws. There are three statutes that control gaming: the 1971 Racing Act, the 1977 Gaming and Lotteries Act (GLA) and the 1990 Casino Control Act. Each makes laws particular to specific forms of gaming; however, they have the general underlying theme that gambling is prohibited except when there is an off-setting benefit to society. This stipulation makes it difficult to obtain a license to start a gambling organization. There are only 5 private casinos in New Zealand.

The implications of New Zealand’s gambling laws have restricted the onset of any private domestic online gambling sites. The one online gambling operation that does exist, called TAB, is owned and operated by the government. All the proceeds from this service go to benefiting existing New Zealand social institutions and infrastructure. These laws don’t mean that online gambling is suffocated in New Zealand. In fact, it’s thriving. Although New Zealand has all but blocked domestic online gambling, there is no law preventing New Zealanders from using overseas-based online gambling services.

How To Choose From New Zealand Gambling Websites

The law being what it is, New Zealanders have two main options when it comes to choosing the best New Zealand gambling sites. The first of which includes using the government provided service, TAB. TAB exclusively provides sports and race betting options. The other option is to find overseas-based gambling sites that cater to New Zealand. The primary advantage to this is the multitude of options these sites provide that TAB does not. While sports and race betting is sufficient for many online gamblers, others desire diverse options such as poker, slots and blackjack. The best New Zealand gambling sites that are based overseas will provide users the option to use the New Zealand dollar, have good financial statuses and will meet the user’s specifications for gambling options.

New Zealand has unique gambling laws that, although made a lot of sense when they were created, are becoming outdated following the massive boom of online gambling. New Zealand officials recognize this and are now redrafting the country’s gambling laws. However, as the law stands, in choosing the best New Zealand gambling sites, New Zealanders must either use TAB, the government’s online gambling site, or look overseas for sites that cater to New Zealand.




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