Norway Gambling Sites

Finding the best Norway gambling sites can be a difficult process for avid Norwegian gamblers because of the government’s strong stance against online gambling. Norway currently has one state-run legal online gambling firm. Norway also officially prohibited Norwegian gamblers from using foreign online gambling sites in 2009. The illegal status of every online gambling site that is not state operated means that most of the best Norway gambling sites are based offshore away from the Norwegian government’s jurisdiction.

Norway Online Gambling Information

Norsk Tipping is the official state-run Norwegian online gambling site that offers sports gambling and lotteries. It is the only legal online gambling site that accepts Norwegian citizens and uses the Norwegian Krone as their primary currency.

There are no authorized gambling sites offering casino, bingo or poker gambling in Norway. Norwegian citizens looking to experience a form of gambling that is not sports or lottery based will have to use a foreign based European or international gambling site. However, online gambling legislation passed in 2009 prohibits Norwegian banks from transferring money for Norwegian gamblers.

Finding Norway Gambling Websites

For Norwegians looking for legal gambling, the best Norway gambling sites will be the state-run Norsk Tipping service. The state-run gambling site will not only be available entirely in the Norwegian language but Norway citizens will also be able to use their bank accounts to deposit funds using the Krone currency.

However, some of the best Norway gambling sites are not state-run and are based in foreign soil away from the jurisdiction of the Norwegian government. Because Norwegian gamblers cannot perform bank transfers to fund foreign based gambling accounts, the best Norwegian gambling sites will provide alternative deposit methods. They include:

  • Moneybookers
  • NETeller
  • Click2Pay
  • Entropay

Using these third party financial services will allow gamblers to fund their wagers at the best Norwegian gambling sites without breaking Norwegian law.

The best Norwegian gambling sites will also either allow gamblers to maintain an account in Kroner or convert Kroner into Euros, US dollars or English Pounds without charging a service fee.

Another important attribute of the best Norway gambling sites is access to a sign up bonus. Expect the best Norway gambling sites to allow gamblers to benefit from a 100% match bonus on their initial deposits. The very best Norway gambling sites contain multiple departments with each one specializing in a specific form of gambling. Norwegian gamblers can use one gambling account to make wagers on different forms of gambling while releasing their sign up bonus cash.

The hazy legal status of online gambling in Norway makes it difficult for gamblers to find the best Norway gambling sites. Norwegian gamblers looking for legal gambling will find the state-run Norsk Tipping service to be the best Norway gambling site. However, other gamblers can use the best foreign based gambling sites to participate in different forms of gambling.

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