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The UK is a hotbed for many forms of online gambling. Not only is the UK home to a massive online gambling community, but the country has also established the Gambling Commission to ensure that all forms of online gambling remain legal for UK citizens to use. The UK Gambling Commission also readily offers licenses to gambling businesses looking to set up their office headquarters or server space in UK territory. This has made it quite easy for UK gamblers to locate the best UK gambling sites in the industry. These sites offer different forms of gambling and UK friendly banking methods.

UK Online Gambling Information

The best UK gambling sites cover many different form of gambling. These include:

  • Sports gambling: Millions of UK citizens regularly gamble on sporting events such as the English Premier League and Champion‚Äôs League soccer matches. The best UK gambling sites also cover other favorite UK sports such as cricket, darts and rugby.
  • Poker gambling: Poker has developed into a powerful form of gambling with millions of loyal UK followers. With the UK online poker community being such an integral part of the poker industry, the best UK poker gambling sites support the community with real money ring games as well as satellite tournaments that lead to the World Series of Poker London main event.
  • Casino gambling: Table games, video poker and slot machines are quite popular with UK casino gamblers. Since casino gambling is legal in the UK, the best UK gambling sites take full advantage by offering huge slot machine jackpots worth over 100,000 GBP.
  • Bingo gambling: The UK is home to the largest number of online bingo gamblers in the world. The country has a long history of local bingo halls providing nightly entertainment to millions of UK citizens. The bingo game play has now been transferred onto the Internet, where UK gamblers can purchase 75 and 90 ball bingo cards at the best UK bingo gambling sites.

The United Kingdom is the world’s largest gambling licensing jurisdiction and home to some of the most successful gambling sites operating today. A combination of low taxes and sensible regulations strike the right balance between keeping the industry safe and giving the free market room to breathe.

Legislation passed in 2005 formally legalized online gambling and set the stage, all the best UK gambling sites are licensed by the Gambling Commission and are subject to stringent requirements regarding player safety, finances and advertising. Any gambling site licensed by the Commission can be considered a safe place to play by default.

Gambling Act 2005

Big changes came to the United Kingdom with the passage of the Gambling Act 2005. The act set the stage for online ambling in the UK by establishing the Gambling Commission. All internet wagering activities are now monitored and regulated by the Commission, whose stated goals are to maintain the integrity of the industry and ensure the safety of players.

Operators must undergo a thorough vetting process and prove they have the resources to provide customers with a safe, high quality experience. This stands in stark contrast to some other licensing regimes that give a stamp of approval to anyone willing to pay a fee.

In addition to taking fees from operators seeking licenses, the Gambling Commission also inspects the software to be used, people to be employed and the business model. Getting licensed is an accomplishment in its own right. You can take some comfort knowing that if a site is approved to operate in the UK, it didn’t get to that point by filling out a few forms and paying a quick fee.

Depositing and Playing in GBP

The GBP is one of the three primary currencies used by gambling sites around the world (the other two are the USD and EUR). If you decide to sign up at a UK-based site, you won’t have much trouble depositing and playing for real money.

The easiest way to fund your account is through various electronic transfers. Credit and debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal can all be used to move money from your bank account to your player account.

Most UK gambling websites also accept cash deposits in the form of prepaid vouchers. Both Paysafecard and Ukash can be purchased in person with cash and then redeemed online.

Find The Best UK Gambling Websites

UK gamblers should first look over the available banking methods offered at the best UK gambling sites. Expect the best UK gambling sites to allow gamblers to fund their accounts in Euros or British Pounds. The best UK gambling sites with multiple primary currencies available are excellent because the site will adjust all of the pertinent gambling odds and numbers accordingly based on the gambler’s preferred currency. Additionally, the best UK gambling sites accept the following Euro and British Pound Sterling friendly banking options:

  • Moneybookers
  • NETeller
  • Click2Pay
  • EntroPay
  • Ukash
  • Pay Safe Card

The convenience of experiencing different forms of gambling within a single gambling service is an excellent attribute found at the best UK gambling sites. Since all forms of online gambling are legal in the UK, the very best UK gambling sites operate sports, poker, casino and bingo gambling departments. Gamblers can use a single account to participate in multiple forms of gambling. Additionally, the best UK gambling sites offer different sign up bonuses for each of their gambling departments.

The UK Gambling Commission ensures that UK citizens and the best UK betting sites can both benefit from legal online gambling. With so many gambling sites to choose from, UK gamblers should only settle for the best UK betting sites that allow gamblers to wager on different forms of gambling and provide UK friendly banking systems.

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