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Neteller has long been one of the most popular eWallet services available online. eWallets let you easily deposit and withdraw funds from online poker sites. Neteller acts as a third party between you and the poker site you choose. Neteller is popular because it is very secure. You do not have to supply the poker site you play at with any credit card or banking information. Neteller 1-Pay is the newest service offered by Neteller. The best 1-Pay Neteller gambling sites make it easy to register your account and quickly deposit money.

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Information About 1-Pay Neteller

1-Pay was designed exclusively for the Chinese gambling market. eWallet services like 1-Pay are successful in China because online gambling is illegal in the country. 1-Pay allows Chinese gamblers to play on their favorite foreign based sites without having to provide a lot of personal information. This reduces the risk that the Chinese government will catch them. In 2005, Neteller purchased 1-Pay and took over its large customer base.

To use 1-Pay Neteller, you must first register for an account on the 1-pay website. Although 1-Pay is now owned by Neteller, it operates its own website separate from the Neteller site. During the 1-Pay registration process, users must enter credit card or banking information in order to make their first deposit. This is the only time you will ever have to use your credit card or bank information with your 1-Pay Neteller account. Once your 1-Pay account is linked to a money source, you can instantly transfer funds. Once your account is funded, you must select 1-Pay under the cashier section of the gambling site you choose. You will be able to easily fund your gambling account after entering your 1-Pay account information.

Most people choose to use 1-Pay Neteller because they do not want to put their personal information at risk. Identity theft and fraud are becoming more and more common on the Internet. Using 1-Pay Neteller allows you to reduce risk because you only have to input your credit card or banking information one time.

How We Pick Gambling Sites That Accept 1-Pay

The best 1-Pay Neteller gambling sites provide clear and easy to follow instructions for setting up your 1-Pay Neteller account. If any problems occur during the set up process, an online help guide or FAQ should be available. In addition, the best 1-Pay Neteller gambling sites provide 24/7 customer support if you are unable to solve the problem by yourself.

The best 1-Pay Neteller gambling sites have low minimum and high maximum deposit requirements. This wide range gives players of all skill and income levels a chance to play. Players who only want to play low stakes games can deposit small amounts. Experienced gamblers who are ready to wager large sums of money will not have to spend a lot of time depositing money if they can transfer funds in one lump sum.

1-Pay Neteller provides a secure transfer method for Chinese gamblers. The best 1-Pay Neteller gambling sites allow players to easily deposit any sum of money from their 1-Pay Neteller account to their gambling site bankroll.

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