While all online gambling websites claim to have reputable financial statuses, the harsh reality is that this isn’t always the case. Instadebit is a service that enables users to have peace of mind in their online gambling financial transactions.

Instadebit and iDebit are two deposit methods offered by the same company. Both payment solutions allow you to make instant, secure deposits to gambling sites using funds in your bank account. Originally, Instadebit only processed payments for Canadians but the addition of iDebit has expanded the service to 19 countries.

iDebit is the faster of the two as it debits your bank account instantly and the funds are made available in your player account immediately.

Instadebit also funds your gambling account instantly, but it can take a few days for the money to actually be deducted from your bank account.

How iDebit Works

Once you have an account at one of the gambling sites that accept Instadebit or iDebit, you can log in and visit the cashier to see a list of deposit methods.

If you have a choice between the two, select “iDebit.” You will then be asked to sign up for an iDebit account or check out as a guest. Either option works fine, but getting an account will give you an e-wallet that you can use to receive payouts in the future.

Next, type in the amount you would like to deposit and then select “next.” The iDebit gambling site will then present you with a list of supported banks. After you choose your bank from the list, a new window will load and display a page in which you will be asked to log in to your bank’s existing online banking feature. Enter your username and password to approve the deposit.


The funds will be moved immediately. You also have the option to sign up for an iDebit account that serves as an e-wallet where you can store funds and receive payouts.

iDebit Fees

iDebit charges a flat fee of 1.50 CAD/USD or 1.00 EUR/GBP/AUD for deposits taken directly from your bank balance. If you sign up for an e-wallet account and make a payment with your existing iDebit balance, there is no fee. Withdrawals from online gambling sites that accept iDebit are free, there is a 2.00 fee for withdrawing from iDebit to your bank account.

How Instadebit Works

Instadebit works similarly to iDebit but it doesn’t use your existing online banking information to approve the deposit. Instead, you’ll be asked to create an Instadebit account the first time you make a deposit with this method. Your Instadebit account will be linked to your bank account and then you can proceed with the deposit.

Every time you make a deposit with Instadebit, you’ll be asked to choose an amount and then enter your Instadebit account and password. Doing so will approve the deposit and your funds will be made available instantly. You can play with the money immediately, but it can take up to 7 business days for the funds to be deducted from your bank account.

Supported Countries

Players in the following countries can use Instadebit and iDebit. You can also see a full list of supported banks in each country on this page.