Exotic Gambling Sites

Most gamblers tend to stick to basic bets such as which team will win a particular match, or which horse will win a race. Such bets are commonly referred to as straight bets, and this term encompass a whole range of wagers that are relatively simple. However, on a lot of sports there are more complex wagers that can be placed and these types of bets are known as exotic bets. Exotic gambling requires a little more thought and is generally harder, but the pay outs have the potential to be much higher.

On this page we explore this method of betting further and list some of the best exotic gambling sites. It should be noted that the term exotic betting is sometimes used to refer to betting on novelty markets such as television shows or the weather. For the purposes of this article, we are talking about exotic betting in the context of more advanced forms of wagering.

An exotic bet is any wagering method that is not a straight bet. It is most commonly found in horse racing, and it is an ideal strategy to use when you can’t find a decent straight bet in a win, place, or show position. There are a variety of exotic betting strategies that you can use to improve your odds. When using the best exotic gambling sites, you will find many ways that exotic wagers can result in a higher volume of winnings.

Because straight betting is far more common than exotic betting, most gambling sites cater primarily for those that tend to do the former – although exotic betting is becoming increasingly popular. If exotic betting is more your preference, then you will need to choose a gambling site that caters for the kinds of bet that you want to be making. There are plenty of sites that do let you place exotic bets, and we would recommend the following as the best exotic gambling sites.

About Exotic Betting and Wagering

A lot of people of gamblers are put off by exotic bets as it seems too complicated. It is fair to say that exotic gambling is more complex than straight betting, and it does require a bit more skill, but it isn’t really that difficult to understand. It is certainly worth getting to grips with exotic gambling as it is a great way to greatly increase your winnings – if you can get it right. There is certainly a higher level of risk involved in exotic gambling and you will probably find you win a lower proportion of your wagers. However it is quite possible that you win more money overall as the pay outs when you do win will generally be much larger.

Exotic gambling is a great strategy to use when you are unable to find any other bets that offer the kind of value you are looking for. For example, if you are betting on a soccer match or a horse race and there is a clear favourite, the odds on that favourite might not offer much in a return – meaning the risk versus reward factor is not worth it. By placing an exotic wager instead, you can increase the potential rewards and find more value that way. Exotic gambling is particularly popular on horse racing, but can also be applied to a variety of other sports.

Exotic Gambling on Horse Racing

Horse racing betting can be very straightforward if you want to it to be. If you like to keep it simple, then a wager on which horse you think is going to win a race is about as uncomplicated as it gets – if your chosen horse wins you win your bet and if it doesn’t then you lose your bet. Each way betting on selections, or betting on a horse for a place (finishing first or second) or for a show (finishing first, second or third) is also pretty straightforward. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning larger sums of money, then the exotic bets are definitely worth looking at.

For example, the Exacta bet on a single race involves predicting the horses that will finish in the first two places, in the correct order. Obviously this bet is a lot harder to get right than one on just the winner, particularly in large fields, but the pay outs can be very good for what is still a fairly simple bet. The Exacta bet can also be known as a Perfecta, Exactor or Forecast. A similar bet is the Quinella, or Dual Forecast, where you pick the first two horses in any order. This is easier to predict correctly than the Exacta, but can still give a decent pay out.

The Trifecta, or Triactor, bet goes another step further, and involves picking the first three horses in the correct order. This is even harder to get right, of course, but if you manage to do it you can expect a pay out at very nice odds. If you really want to be brave, then the Superfecta bet requires picking the first four horses in the correct order. Another form of exotic gambling on horse racing is to pick the winners of a number of different races in one bet. This is also quite hard to get right, particularly if you choose more than two or three races, but the potential winnings can very high.

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