Backgammon has the reputation for being one of the oldest known board games. The object of backgammon is simple. Players take turns rolling dice and moving their pieces. The first player to clear all of their pieces from the board is the winner. Although backgammon is an old game, backgammon gambling online has only recently taken off. Some of the best casino networks have now begun to offer backgammon gambling sites to their family of online gaming.

There are three major steps needed to get started on playing at online backgammon sites. Players must first register for an account and provide a few pieces of personal information to the site. Next, you will need to download the real money backgammon gambling software installation program and run it in order to install the backgammon software. Once the software is ready, you will need to fund your backgammon account before you can play for real money. This can be done at the backgammon gambling site or directly in the software.

You can begin to play at online backgammon websites immediately after these steps are completed. First, enter the lobby and choose the backgammon game with the rules you prefer and the wagering amount you would like to play with. Players will take turns rolling the virtual dice and moving their pieces around the backgammon board. You can move more than one playing piece per turn. Choosing which pieces to move is part of the strategy. The winner is decided by whichever player is able to first remove all of his or her pieces from the board.

Choosing Top Rated Backgammon Websites

With an increasing number of betting sites and online casinos offering the chance to play backgammon online for real money, you’ll find yourself with plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to play. If you want to get the best experience from playing backgammon online, then you really need to choose your gambling site wisely. The sites listed above are great options, because they have certain attributes which are important to backgammon players – such as the ones listed below.

  • Game Availability. Backgammon might be one of the oldest known gambling games, but it has not yet found widespread popularity online. Some backgammon gambling sites have limited games available and not particularly big player bases, meaning that there are not that many games going on. However, the best backgammon sites have plenty of player traffic and a great selection of games – meaning that you can always find a game running and someone to play against.
  • Range of Stakes Available. If you are new to playing backgammon online for real money, then you will probably feel more comfortable playing for relatively small stakes. If you are a skilled backgammon player then you may well prefer to play for larger sums of money. The best backgammon gambling sites have games and tournaments at a variety of different stakes, ensuring that players of all budgets are catered for.
  • Standard of Opposition. Playing backgammon online can be great entertainment if you enjoy the game, but if you are gambling on the game then ultimately your aim is to make money. At the more popular backgammon gambling sites, then you will find plenty of players to play against that are of an equal, or lower, standard than you. These are the sort of players you want to be playing against if you want the best chance of winning money consistently.
  • Quality of Gaming Software. Backgammon is a pretty simple game, so the software for playing the backgammon online doesn’t have to be amazingly sophisticated. It is, however, nice when the software is stable, easy to use and has decent graphics and animation. The top backgammon gambling sites have top quality software which provides a great playing experience. Some of them will even have software that is compatible with mobile phones, so you can play backgammon online whenever and wherever you want.
  • Sign Up Bonuses and Promotions. Most backgammon sites are constantly trying to attract new players, so that they can get even more games running. The best backgammon gambling sites market themselves heavily and will incentives new customers by offering a sign up bonus. A sign up bonus is money that is added to your account when you make your first deposit, and can then be used to play backgammon game. Many backgammon sites will also have other regular promotions for existing customers – such as loyalty schemes where you get rewarded the more you play.

In addition to those points above, which are particularly important for backgammon players, there are certain other attributes that all good gambling sites should have. The following factors are also taken into consideration when we decide if a backgammon site should be listed on this page.

  • Accepted Deposit Methods. To play backgammon online for real money, you are obviously going to need to get funds online. The top sites have a range of banking options for their customers, ensuring that it is easy to make deposits when required. Additional, the best gambling sites will also process withdrawals quickly when you have some winnings you wish to cash out.
  • Reputation and Security. The best gambling sites have been around for a while, and proved that they offer a good service. The most reputable sites will ensure that all the personal data and funds of their customers are kept secure at all times.
  • Customer Support. Top betting sites take customer service seriously, providing plenty of options for getting in contact, and ensuring that customers receive a swift and helpful response to any query they may have.
  • Gaming License. For a gambling site to provide backgammon games where you can compete against other players for real money, they are required to hold a gaming license. It is strongly recommended that you only ever gamble at sites that hold the correct license.