Chess Gambling Sites

Chess is a centuries-old game of patience, intelligence and precision, and tournaments have slowly become a popular gambling item for many online gamblers who enjoy an intense game. Online chess gambling has been compared to online Texas Hold Em because of the skill level and logic required in being a both good player and successful bettor. Professional chess games can last from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on what kind of chess game is being played.

Playing Chess Games Online For Real Money

Though chess has been a betting activity for hundreds of years, it has only recently become a hot internet gambling option for online bettors. The game of chess is played on a board of sixty four squares, and begins with each opponent controlling sixteen pieces (King, Queen, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Pawns) of opposing colors. The main goal is to capture the other player’s king piece. There are countless strategies and rule systems to the game of Chess, and it is wise to be familiar with some of them before placing bets.

The best chess gambling sites offer expert tips and advice that you can refer to when placing wagers. After registering your account on one of the best chess gambling sites, you can read about player stats and strategic patterns. You are given the option of choosing a prop bet (smaller bets such as who will lose their queen first) or a straight bet (who will win or lose the match).

Qualities Of Top Rated Chess Gambling Sites

Although playing chess online for real money is a relatively new concept, and less popular than some many other forms of online gambling, there are still a few online gambling sites that offer this. If playing chess online appeals to you, then you will need to find a suitable chess gambling site. There are a few qualities that we believe are very important in chess gambling sites, such as these ones listed below.

  • Quality and Usability of Software. The software offered by chess gambling sites needs to be of decent quality. When you are playing chess, you want to be able to concentrate on playing the game rather than worrying about unresponsive software, or struggling to get it to do what you want it do. The best chess gambling sites have software which is graphically pleasing, very easy to use and runs smoothly.
  • Promotions and Rewards. As with any form of online gambling, the top sites tend to look after customers by running regular promotions and rewarding loyalty. Good promotions can add some great extra value to your online gambling and are a good benefit of playing at the best sites. After all, if you want to play chess online for real money and a gambling site wants to reward you for doing so then you should obviously take advantage!
  • Game Availability. We have already mentioned that gambling on chess is not, yet, as popular as some other forms of gambling – meaning that it is not always easy to find games to play. However, the best chess gambling sites have plenty of games available so you should always be able to get a game when you want.
  • Range of Stakes. Whether you prefer to play for low stakes or high stakes, the best chess gambling sites have you covered. You can expect a wide range of different stakes at the various games and tournaments, meaning that players of all budgets are suitably catered for.
  • Standard of Opposition. It can be somewhat demoralising if you only get to play chess against players that are more experienced or skilled at the game than you and you end up constantly losing games – and money. The best chess gambling sites attracts players of all different standards so you should be able to find opposition that you are comfortable playing.

There are some further aspects of gambling sites that you should also take into account when deciding where to play. Some of these are often overlooked, but we take them all into consideration when deciding which sites to list here.

  • Customer Support. If you have an issue of some kind that needs dealing with or you have a query that needs answering, then you should be able to expect help when you need it. The best gambling sites have a customer support team that is contactable around the clock, ensuring you get a helpful response to your queries.
  • Gaming License. The top gambling sites hold a license that allows them to offer their services to the public, and are regulated by a reputable gaming authority.
  • Reputation and History. Although online chess gambling is a relatively new concept, many of the gambling sites that offer it have been around for a while, dealing with all sorts of online gambling. We would advise that you stick to the reputable sites that have a decent history behind them.
  • Banking Options. The best online gambling sites provide a number of options for getting your funds in and out of your account. They also ensure that any cash outs are processed quickly and that any winnings are returned to you swiftly and with the minimum of fuss.
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