Craps is a dice game where the object is to place wagers on the outcome of a roll. The best craps gambling sites online allow players to experience casino craps from their own computer. Craps is a game of luck where players take turns rolling dice and betting on a particular outcome happening before a seven is rolled.

The best casino sites offer the top craps tables on the internet. To begin playing craps, you must first sign up for an account at one of the best craps sites online. Gameplay may take place either in the browser, or for the full set of features, as part of a downloadable casino program. You can find the installation program for the casino software on the home page and once installed, you can begin playing free craps immediately. To wager at the best craps sites, you must first fund your casino account using one of the pre-selected deposit methods provided by the craps site.

To begin a game of craps, you will select an available craps table from the casino lobby. Playing at the best craps sites is easy because the only thing you must do is wager on the outcome of a dice roll. The wagers you make will be either over a particular number or series of numbers and the possibility that this number will be rolled before a seven is rolled. Each time this happens, you will win money on the wager. If you wager a field bet of six, this means every time a six is rolled before the player rolls another seven, you will receive a pay out for your wager.

Qualities of Top Rated Online Craps Sites

Craps is such a simple and popular game that you will find it offered by virtually every online casino site there is. Although it is good to have plenty of choice of where to play craps online, it can actually be a little bit difficult to decide which craps site is best for you. A good way to make the decision is to think about what qualities are important to you, and look for a craps site that has those qualities. For example, we believe the following three attributes to be among the most important, and particularly take these into consideration when deciding which of the best craps sites to recommend.

  • Game Software Quality. The quality of the software at an online gaming site has a significant impact on the overall playing experience. The top sites have software that features great graphics and animation and that is stable and runs smoothly. In addition, the best craps sites will offer software that is compatible across multiple devices and operating systems; so that you can use it if you have, for example, Linux as your operating system or if you wish to play craps online using your mobile phone.
  • Deposit Methods and Cashout Options. Depositing and withdrawing funds from an online gambling site can sometimes be difficult, but the best sites make it as easy possible. When looking for somewhere to play craps online, you should see what banking options are available for deposits and withdrawals. The best craps sites will also usually process any cash outs quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimum Bets and Maximum Stakes. There are a range of different bets you can make when playing craps, and some players prefer to place small wagers while others prefer to bet big. Ideally, you should be able to play at whatever level you feel most comfortable. The best online craps sites cater for everyone, with low minimum stakes and high maximum stakes.

Although these factors listed above are very important, they are not the only ones to consider. There are other aspects to consider too – some of which might be more relevant to you. The following attributes are all worth taking into account too.

  • Reputation, Security and Fairness. Although there are plenty of high quality, decent gambling and betting sites on the web, there are unfortunately also a few that aren’t that great. The easiest way to avoid the bad gambling sites is to consider the reputation of a site before signing up. The best craps sites will have built up a good reputation, and be known for their fairness. They will also ensure that your personal details are securely protected.
  • Bonuses, Promotional Offers, and Loyalty Rewards. The online gambling industry is very competitive, and a lot of online casinos and betting sites offer big sign up bonuses to attract new customers, and loyalty schemes to reward existing customer. You should look for sites that have good promotions, and, if craps is your preferred game, make sure that any bonuses are eligible to be used at the craps tables.
  • Craps Game Variations. This is more relevant for some other types of casino game more than craps, as the standard variation of craps is far and away the most common. However, if you do like playing different versions of the game, then you should sign up somewhere that offers them.
  • Licensing and Regulation. When gambling online, you should always be able to have some kind of recourse if something goes wrong. The best craps sites will be fully licensed and regulated by a relevant authority, meaning you have somewhere to turn if you have a complaint of some description that is not dealt with satisfactorily.
  • Usability and Functionality. Most people that play craps online do so for a bit of fun, as well as the chance of winning some money. The entertainment value is not going to be quite as good if the software used is not user friendly. The best online craps sites will have craps software that is simple and easy to use.
  • Quality of Customer Service. Hopefully you will not encounter too many issues when playing craps online. If you do have a query of some kind though, you should be able to get a helpful response from the customer service team. The top gambling sites all take customer service seriously and make sure they are easy to contact.