Best Poker Sites

Online poker has exploded in popularity in recent years and players have many choices when it comes to choosing poker sites. Many of the biggest and best online gambling sites have their own poker rooms and there are also loads of dedicated poker sites that focus entirely on the game. While it is great news that there are so many choices for playing poker online, it does make it a bit harder to know where to play. With such a wide variety of online poker sites, choosing which one to sign up at can be difficult. This page should help you, though, as we tell exactly what you should be looking for at an online poker site, and also list the best poker sites around.

The gambling sites we have listed below are, in our opinion, the best poker sites on the internet as this moment in time. These poker sites are good options for players of all standards, from outright beginners right up to very experienced players. The poker sites below all offer a large selection of different poker games, tournaments and cash games at a variety of stakes. If you are looking to play poker online for real money then we strongly recommend checking out the following online poker rooms.

Rating Top Online Poker Sites

At Best Gambling Sites, we don’t just list any old poker site – we look at a variety of different factors we believe to very important and only list those poker sites which have the right qualities. With so many online poker rooms in existence, it is vital that you choose somewhere that is going to give you the best possible experience. Having played a lot of online poker ourselves, we know exactly what criteria should be used when deciding where to play, and we make our recommendations accordingly. The following factors are among the most important when rating an online poker site :

  • Quality of Software
  • Poker Room Traffic
  • Range of Games and Stakes
  • Player Rewards
  • Banking Options

One of the single most important aspects of an online poker room is the quality of the software they use. Online poker has evolved greatly as it has increased in popularity, and the best poker sites constantly upgrade and improve their software to ensure it is of the highest possible standard. The top poker sites have stable software that runs smoothly, with great graphics and plenty of customisable features. Above all else, the best poker rooms have software that is really easy to navigate and use.

A poker site is nothing unless the tables are busy and there are plenty of opponents for you to play against. The best online poker sites have high traffic, meaning that there are games running around the clock and ensuring that you will always find someone to play against. Additionally, the top poker sites have a wide variety of different games for you to enjoy, and a range of stakes to suit players of all budgets.

Because there are so many online poker sites, it is important for these sites to do what they can to attract, and retain, as many players as they can. This competition between poker sites is good news for you, the player, as the best poker sites will offer generous sign up bonuses to new customers and also reward players based on how much they play. The top poker sites have loyalty schemes where you can basically earn extra rewards just for playing online poker for real money. If you play a lot of poker, these rewards can add up to be quite substantial sums of money.  Have a look at our online poker guide for more tips for real money players.

You should also take note of the banking options at an online poker site before making the decision to sign up there. Ideally, it should be really easy to get your money in and out of your poker account as and when you need to. The best poker sites provide a range of different methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, making the process as simple as possible.

Choosing Poker Sites by Game Type

The most commonly played form of poker at online poker sites is Texas Hold’em, and every poker site will have plenty of tables offering poker in this form. However, some of the other forms of poker are steadily increasing in popularity – such as Omaha – and more and more players are starting to play these alternative games. The poker sites that we have listed on this page are great options for online poker in general, but if you are looking to focus on playing a particular form of poker then you definitely need to look for a poker site that caters for you specifically.

The attributes that we have mentioned above are still the factors that you should be taking into account, but you also need to be sure that a poker site is the best option for your preferred poker game. The best poker site for playing Texas Hold’em might not necessarily be the best poker site for playing Omaha, so it is important to make the right decision based on which poker games you want to be playing.

Poker Game Specific Listings

At Best Gambling Sites, we have played a lot of online poker, at a lot of different online poker sites. As a result, we know exactly which poker sites are the best for the different forms of poker and have produced the following pages, which each contain a list of the best poker sites for the relevant poker game.

We are also developing ratings of poker websites that are format specific:

Real Money Online Poker

Alongside the general boom of online gambling, online poker has experienced a huge upsurge in the 21st century. It is probably the most popular peer to peer game that is played online for real money, with people from all over the world playing online poker regularly. One of the most appealing things about online poker is that is a really easy game to play. The rules and the betting rounds are pretty simple you can make all your decisions with a click of your mouse. Because online poker sites have evolved so much, the whole experience of playing poker online has been greatly enhanced.

One of the reasons for the significant growth in popularity of online poker is the fact that it appeals to such a wide range of people. You will find poker players of all ages and backgrounds at the tables, and people play the game for a variety of reasons. For many it is just a bit of fun, a form of entertainment that also offers the opportunity for winning money. Others take the game very seriously and regularly win money and some people even play poker as a full time job.

As you are playing the game against other human opponents rather than the house, providing you have some skills at the game it is perfectly possible to consistently turn a profit. This guide to online poker offers some useful advice as to how you can get the most out of playing poker online for real money.

Play at ONLY Reputable Online Poker Sites

With online poker being so popular, it is not surprising that there is a large number of online poker sites for players to choose from. There are lots of gambling sites that focus on other forms of gambling, such as sports betting or casino games, that also operate their own poker room and there are many sites that specifically concentrate on poker. With such a big range of online poker sites, you could be forgiven for struggling to know which one to play at. If you want to have the best possible experience playing poker online, then you really want to stick to the top poker sites out there.

Playing at the best online poker sites will ensure that you have a decent playing experience. The top sites tend to have better graphics, better software, a good range of different games and plenty of traffic. If you are quite new to online poker, then you may like to try out a few different poker sites and see what you prefer. We would suggest sticking to the top poker sites that we recommend though, as these all have proven track records. You can find out more in our section on the best online poker sites.

Poker Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Online poker is a really competitive market place and poker sites are constantly vying with each other to get new customers, and keep those customers playing in their poker room. The top online poker sites use a variety of marketing methods to achieve this, such as sign up bonuses and loyalty schemes. At the best online poker sites you will find generous sign up bonuses on offer, and there is basically no downside to taking advantage of these. If you are planning on playing online poker anyway, then a sign up bonus is essentially free money.

Loyalty schemes also add some great extra value to your online poker play. Poker loyalty schemes can operate in a number of different ways but the basic principle is always the same, you get rewarded based on how much poker you are playing and the stakes you are playing at. The more you play, the more you get back. Some of the loyalty schemes offered by the best online poker sites can be very generous indeed and can greatly increase the amount of money you can make out of playing poker online.

Learn and Study Strategy and Game Theory

Although there is a certain element of luck involved in the game of poker, it is very much a game of skill. Quite simply, if you are better than your opponents then, in the long run, you will beat them and take their money. If you are prepared to spend a bit of time learning poker strategy and improving your poker skills then it will be perfectly possible to consistently win money playing the game. Of course, if you just want to play the game for a bit of fun then you don’t need to bother. However, if you want to make some money playing poker online then you’ll need to put some effort in. Poker strategy has many levels, but the basics are quite easy to pick up and even just a solid knowledge of the fundamentals will put you in a strong position against a lot of opponents. There are plenty of places you can learn poker strategy online, and a number of useful books you can read.

Follow Bankroll Management Guidelines

Managing your money is important in any form of internet gambling, but it is particularly so in poker if you want to win in the long-term. Although poker is a game of skill, there is no escaping the fact that there is some chance involved. For this reason, it is likely that at some point you will experience a run of bad luck. It is important that you have a bankroll that can support the odd streak of bad luck and give you time to turn things around and get back to winning ways. You should never try and chase your losses by increasing your stakes, just be patient and stick to your game and, if you are good enough, you will start winning again.