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The best bad beat jackpot poker sites give you the rare opportunity to win serious money when you lose with monster hands. The way bad beat jackpots work is they offer you a large cash prize if you lose with a powerful hand. For example, I have played in numerous games in which there was a six-figure prize waiting for anyone who lost with four of a kind or better.

Best Bad Beat Jackpots Are At:

The strange thing is bad beat jackpots seem to have fallen out of favor in recent years. I was doing some research for this topic to see if any other major poker sites offer similar bad beat jackpots and there’s just not much going on outside of the sites you see above. If you’ve had trouble finding a place to participate in jackpot games, you’re not alone. The good news is the above sites most definitely do have bad beat jackpots.

In more recent times, two other forms of jackpots have come along to shake up the poker world. These come in the form of Twister-style SNGs and jackpot SNGs. Between traditional bad beat jackpots, new jackpot SNGs and old-fashioned first-place finishes in big tournaments, there is now a way to win big money in every format of poker. Read on for more information about all types of poker jackpots.

Bad Beat Jackpots

Let’s start with the classic bad beat jackpot. A few poker sites today hold progressive jackpots that grow over time. If you play at a specially-marked bad beat jackpot game, you stand to win a significant payout if you lose with a monster hand.

The rules for “qualifying” hands vary, but I’ve seen a few cases in which the jackpot was triggered if you lost with four 8s or better. So if I would have caught four 8s and taken it to the showdown and lost, I would have won the lion’s share of the prize pool. The winner of the hand would have gotten a piece of the jackpot as well, and then the other players at the table would have split the remainder.

The vast majority of bad beat jackpots grow over time as well. Qualifying tables often take a small percentage of every pot played and add that money to the prize fund. Over time, the jackpot grows to staggering levels until someone triggers the jackpot. From there, the jackpot starts over at some predetermined amount and begins growing once again.

Some sites require you to play at special jackpot tables where the rake is a bit higher to fund the jackpot. Others, such as BetVictor, allow you to opt-in to the jackpot through your account. In doing so, you contribute $0.02 per hand and can win the jackpot while seated at any ring game table.

Yet other sites fund the bad beat jackpot on their own without any contribution from the players. For example, some sites do not take anything from the tables to fund the jackpot. All money comes straight from the poker site itself. The advantage here is that it costs nothing to participate in the jackpot. The downside is that site-funded jackpots are always smaller than player-funded jackpots.


Bad beat jackpots hosted on the internet pay more than just one person. It’s common for the “loser” of the hand to earn about half the total jackpot value. Another 20 to 30% of the jackpot is paid directly to the person who won the hand. About 10% is split among everyone else who was dealt into the triggering hand.

Most sites split a further 10% among everyone who was just playing at the same stakes at the same time. Finally, the remainder is used to seed the next jackpot. The exact portions vary from site to site, but that’s a pretty close approximation to what you can expect to see at a typical poker site.

Jackpot SNGs

There are two types of SNG tournaments that offer huge payouts if certain conditions are met. These are “Jackpot” SNGs and “Twister” SNGs. The names are sometimes confused and used interchangeably, but they are definitely two very distinct formats. We’ll start with Jackpot sit-n-go tournaments first and then discuss Twister SNGs in the next section.

Jackpot SNGs offer special payouts if you take first place in multiple, consecutive tournaments. If you win several single table tournaments in a row, you’ll be paid a jackpot prize in addition to what you’ve won in each individual tournament. Poker sites on the iPoker Network host four types of jackpot tournaments:

  • Dirty Dozen
  • Maui
  • Rio
  • Fort Knox

Dirty Dozen Jackpots come with a €2 buyin and feature 12 players at each table. If you win four consecutive Dirty Dozen tourneys, you’ll be paid an additional prize of €2,000. Your four wins must all be consecutive and must all happen within a two-week period.

Maui SNGs cost €5 to enter and have you face off against 10 players at each table. Win five of these in a row and you’ll win a progressive jackpot of at least €10,000. The jackpot grows each week, beginning with a €5,000 increase in the first week that nobody wins five in a row. The prize fund grows by an additional €4,000 the second week, €2500 the third week, €1500 the fourth week and €1000 per week after that until someone wins.

Rio Jackpot SNGs have a €20 buyin and pay out at least €20,000 if you win six in a row. The jackpot grows by €5000 per week until someone strings together six victories in a row. I have seen this jackpot prize grow to as high as €130,000 at times. It isn’t easy to win, but it’s a massive score if you do.

Fort Knox SNGs are the biggest and most rewarding of all. These cost €40 to enter and have you face just six other players at each table. If you take down six in a row, you’ll win a prize of at least €35,000 in addition to your standard winnings taken from each tournament. The prize pool for Fort Knox tournaments grows by €7000 the first week, €5000 the second week and €2000 each week after that. You can find jackpot SNGs at all of the following poker sites:

Twister SNGs

Twister SNGs are another feature found at iPoker sites. The action is fast and furious in these aptly-named tournaments as you compete at a 3-person table for a prize of up to 1,000 times your buyin. Join one of these tournaments and an automated spinner will determine the prize you compete for.

After the prize has been selected, the tournament is played as a hyper-turbo, winner-takes-all SNG. Whoever takes first place wins the whole thing. In most tournaments, you end up competing for double your buyin. However, the spinner has the possibility of landing on different prizes ranging from 2x to 1000x your buyin.

You can buy in to these tournaments for €1, €2, €5 and €10. The automated spinner is then initiated and chooses the tournament prize pool. Here’s a look at the following possibilities and the odds of that prize being selected at random:

  • Double your buyin: 15,186/20,000
  • 4x your buyin: 3,025/20,000
  • 6x: 1600/20,000
  • 10x: 160/20,000
  • 20x: 20/20,000
  • 50x: 5/20,000
  • 100x: 2/20,000
  • 1,000x: 1/20,000

As you can see, the majority of Twister SNGs end up being played for double your buyin. Poker sites are able to afford the massive prizes farther up in the list by only paying out a prize of 2x in most tournaments even though 3 people buy in. The remaining money is used to fund the larger but rarer prizes.


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