Rake is the tax of the poker world. It’s the only way poker sites make money off games like poker in which the house has no advantage.

On this page, I have listed a few poker sites that have reasonable rake policies. These are the poker sites that you should visit first if you play poker frequently and minimize the rake’s detrimental effects. Below, you can read more about how the rake works at various poker sites.

This table is ranked according to the average rake in no-limit and fixed-limit games. I looked at two factors to create these rankings: the average rake and maximum amount raked from each pot. This isn’t the most scientific approach, but I think the above table represents, in order, the best low rake poker sites for most players.

It’s important to compare both the rake % and the cap. For example, BetVictor charges what looks like a jaw-dropping 10% on micro stakes no-limit games below 0.05/0.10. This would be ridiculous on its own, but the cap per pot is just 0.10, which is quite a bit lower than the industry average. You’ll have to see the rake charts below to indicate better which poker site is the best for your exact game type.

Tournaments are raked about 10% across the board, but it varies quite a bit from site to site and game to game. So, for now, the focus on this page remains on cash games. I will do a similar page focusing on SNGs/MTTs at some point in the future.

The effects of the rake aren’t apparent from hand to hand, but believe me, the rake has a huge impact on your long-term rate of return. Playing in high-rake games is akin to giving your money away. To prove my point, I submit the picture below:

rake resized

This is a screenshot that shows about 200,000 hands I logged in PokerTracker during a period of high-volume play. This picture is ancient, but the point it makes remains true to this day. If you look over to the second column from the right, you can see that I paid a total of $21,544.20 in rake over that stretch of time. I could have bought a new car with all that rake!

How the Rake Works

Poker sites make money by keeping a small percentage of every pot in cash games and charging players a small fee to participate in tournaments. The house has no stake in who wins or loses.

Cash games

In cash games, the house sets aside a portion of every pot and keeps that as its source of income. The percentage ranges from about 2.5% to 5%, depending on the site, stakes, and number of players at the table.

Another thing you should note when comparing the rake in cash games is the “rake cap.” This cap states the maximum amount each poker site will take out of any single pot. The lower the cap, the better.


On average, tournaments come with a rake of about 10%. Rake is generated from tournaments by charging a fee that isn’t added to the prize pool. For example, in a $10+$1 tournament, $10 of each buy-in goes towards the prize pool, while the additional $1 is kept as income for the poker site.

Rake Policies at Major Poker Sites

This next section will explain how the rake works at major poker sites. The purpose of detailing all this for you is to help you make the best decision for your style of play. You will find that the best low rake poker sites for cash games are not the same as the best sites for tournaments.

Rake policies can be fairly complicated, with sites charging varying amounts based on the game type, number of players, and stakes. Most poker sites don’t actually express the rake as a percentage. Instead, they have a policy that states something along the lines of “$0.01 of every $0.20 is kept as the rake.” This works out to about 5% over the long run, but the percentage can vary because the rake only bumps up when each pot reaches the next increment.

If a pot reaches exactly $1.00, for example, a poker site with the rake policy detailed above would keep $0.05 for a rake of exactly 5%. However, a pot of $1.19 would still only be charged $0.05 because the pot hasn’t yet reached the next increment (which would be $1.20). Larger increments work out better for the player because the rake only bumps up at each increment.

How Much Rake is Appropriate?

This is kind of a subjective topic to tackle, but I do have a few opinions on how much rake is “appropriate.” I don’t mind that the rake exists – poker sites have bills to pay too. I do mind an excessive rake that serves no purpose but to drain money from the poker economy.

A rake of about 10% is appropriate in MTTs and SNGs.

Sadly, it is the small-stakes players who get hammered on rake the most. If you don’t play at the right poker site, you can find yourself paying 20-25% in rake for micro stakes SNGs and MTTs. I know that PokerStars, for example, has $1.00 SNGs in which $0.80 goes to the prize pool, and $0.20 is kept as the rake.

The rake in cash games varies based on stakes – or at least it should. Low rake sites charge lower percentages at low-stakes tables to give the player a viable game that doesn’t just suck money from everyone.

No-flop, no-drop is a policy that should be in effect as well. This policy states that if the hand doesn’t make it to a flop, no rake is taken from the pot.

The best thing you can do to minimize the impact of the rake is to use the charts above to choose the poker site that has the lowest rake for your preferred game. The best site for low-stakes low limit games may not be the best site for no-limit heads-up ring games. Choose the site that works best for you.