Roulette is a traditional casino game that has been popular among gamblers for over 200 years. Since the advent of online gambling, roulette has grown to become a staple of online casinos and is now enjoyed by online gamblers around the world. When roulette is played using quality software, it can be highly realistic and every bit as exciting as live casino roulette. The best roulette sites use high quality software, offer a full roulette layout, and provide convenient customer support.

Playing Roulette Games Online For Real Money

Roulette is a classic game of chance that involves a ball that spins inside a rotating wheel. This ball then drops into one of 38 pockets. In total there are 18 black pockets, 18 red pockets and 2 green pockets that are numbered 00 through 36. Bettors try to predict where the ball will land in the roulette wheel and bet on a color and/or number. Roulette involves a wide variety of bets and can provide winning players with large payouts.

The roulette layout consists of a grid with three columns and all possible bets. A wide variety of bets are offered including column bets, straight up bets, split bets and more. Column bets are wagers placed on an entire column of 12 numbers. If the ball lands in a pocket with one of those 12 numbers, the bettor is paid 2 to 1. Straight up bets are the most common type of bet in roulette. They involve a single number and pay winners 35 to 1. Split bets are wagers placed on two numbers and pay 17 to 1. There are many more bets offered to roulette players such as outside bets, which can be placed on red or black and odd or even outcomes. The variety of bets keeps roulette interesting and exciting.

Qualities of Top Rated Roulette Sites

Roulette is a really simple gambling game, which offers the chance of big wins. It is a really popular game to play online, and every online casino will have roulette games. A lot of other betting websites will also have roulette software where users can play roulette online for real money. However, not all of the gambling sites that do have roulette games are necessarily that suitable for playing the game. If you enjoy roulette and are looking for somewhere specifically to play roulette online, then you should stick to the best roulette sites such as those listed above. We take a number of factors into consideration when choosing what constitutes a good roulette site, the top five of these are listed below.

  • Quality And Compatibility of Software. One of the great things about playing roulette online is that, if you want, you can play for hours on end from the comfort of your own home. You might also enjoy sneaking in a few minutes of quick play from your mobile phone every now and then while you are out and about. The best roulette sites will have software that is compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems, meaning you can play whenever and wherever you want. The software at the best roulette sites is also of the highest quality with great graphics.
  • Available Stakes and Limits. There are many different types of bet you can make at roulette. Some people like to stick to one or two outside bets while others prefer to make lots of bets on individual numbers. Regardless of your own betting style at roulette, you will probably have preferred stakes. It is important that a roulette site lets you play at the stakes you feel most comfortable with – whether this is low stakes or big money. The best roulette sites will have a low minimum stake for those that prefer to risk a small amount per spin and a high maximum stake for those that like to make big wagers.
  • Game Variations Offered. There are two main variations of roulette – European Roulette and American Roulette. There is not much difference between the two really, other than the double zero that appears on the American Roulette wheel. Some gaming web sites will only offer one version of the other, so if you have a particular preference you should choose a gambling site that offers the version you want to play. You will actually find, though, that the best roulette sites not only offer both versions but also have a number of other fun variations of the game. Some will even offer progressive jackpots.
  • Bonuses, Promotions and Loyalty Programs. If you are playing roulette online for real money then you should be sure to choose an online casino or gambling site that rewards customers. Most casino sites will offer a sign up bonus to new customers – but you should check the terms and conditions to ensure the bonus can be used for playing roulette. The top roulette sites will offer generous bonuses and other promotions so that you can get some great extra value out of playing roulette.
  • Depositing and Withdrawing. If you are going to be playing roulette online for real money, then you will clearly need to deposit funds online. Hopefully, you also have some winnings to withdraw at some point. The best online roulette sites offer plenty of different banking options for depositing and withdrawing funds, and make the process for doing so nice and simple.

There are a few other things that we take into account when rating gambling websites too. The following factors are all also worthy of consideration when looking for some to play roulette online for real money.

  • Quality of Customer Service. The best online roulette sites will understand the importance of good customer service and make sure that their customers are well looked after. You should be able to expect a swift and helpful response to any issue or query you may have.
  • Usability and Functionality of Software. To get the most out of playing roulette online, you want the software to be user friendly and offer decent functionality. The best roulette sites have advanced software that offers customers a pleasurable playing experience.
  • Licensing and Regulation. With so many online gambling sites and betting websites, there are bound to be a few rogue ones. You should ensure that you avoid such sites by only using those that are properly licensed and regulated.
  • Reputation, Security and Fairness. One of the best ways to judge the quality of a roulette site is to look at their reputation. There are many gambling web sites that have been around for a long while, and built up a strong reputation for their security and fairness. If you stick to the sites that have a good reputation, then you won’t be going far wrong.