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Gambling on skill games online is one of the latest developments at online gambling sites. A lot of established gaming websites now offer players the chance to play popular skill games online, such as backgammon or rummy. There have also been a number of new gambling sites opening up dedicated entirely to skill games.

Some of these sites will focus on specific skill games, while others will offer gambling on a range of different skill games. This has resulted in a quite a big choice of skill game gambling sites and if you are looking for somewhere to sign up and play, then this page will help you make a decision. We list the best gambling sites for skill games in general and discuss the sort of qualities you should be looking for. We also have recommendations for the best gambling sites for specific skill games.

The following is a list of the best gambling sites for skill games, based on our own experiences and research. These gambling sites are all highly recommended for anyone looking to gamble on skill games for real money. They all have the kind of qualities that we believe are very important and you can be confident that you will have a good experience if you decide to sign up at any of these skill games sites.

Rating Online Skill Game Sites

Like any form of online gambling, when looking for somewhere to wager on the outcome of skilled games it really is important to choose a suitable gambling site. At Best Gambling Sites we take a clear approach to recommending sites to our readers – we only ever recommend sites that are appropriate for the relevant purpose. There is no point in us recommending a site that is good for sports betting to someone who wants to play casino games, for example. When we are deciding which gambling sites to list in a certain category, we look at the attributes that are particularly relevant for that category. When it comes to online skill game sites, we believe that the following factors are the most important :-

  • Quality and Usability of Software
  • Availability of Games
  • Range of Stakes
  • Banking Options
  • Reputation and Licensing

For many people, playing skill games online for real money should be as much about the entertainment factor as the opportunity for making money. Even if the focus for you is very much on the making money side of things, you probably still want your playing experiences to be enjoyable. This is why we believe that the quality and usability of the software provided by skill game sites is a very important consideration. Having good quality and user-friendly software is, in our opinion, are pre-requisite of any decent skill game gambling site.

It is equally important – essential even – that a gambling site has the games available that you are looking for, and that there are enough players on the site to ensure that there are plenty of games running all the time. It can be pretty frustrating to join a skill game site only to find that there are hardly any other players and games rarely get started. The best skill game sites have plenty of customers so this shouldn’t be an issue. The top sites also offer a range of stakes to ensure that players of all budgets are catered for.

You should also consider the banking options that a skill game site makes available to its customers. To play skill games online for real money you will obviously need to get your funds online, so there should be a deposit method that is suitable for you. Equally, you will hopefully have some winnings to withdraw at some point, so you need to be able to cash you funds out too. The best skill game sites have a variety of different banking options; usually including credit cards, e-wallets and wire transfer.

It is also worth taking into account the reputation of a skill game site before signing up, as generally speaking the best gambling sites have been around for a while and built up a decent reputation. At Best Gambling Sites we tend to stick to recommending reputable sites with a proven track record, but there are sometimes relatively new skill game sites that catch our attention. For us to even consider listing a fairly new gambling site, we would always first make sure that they hold the necessary gambling license. You should never, ever even think about playing at unlicensed gambling site.

Choosing Real Money Skill Gaming Websites

The single most important part of choosing a skill game site, is making sure that it is right for you and your own personal preferences. We strongly suggest that the factors mentioned above, that we use when deciding which gambling sites to recommend, are the ones that you take into account yourslef. What is absolutely essential, of course, is that you choose a skill game site that is suitable for the particular skill game that you want to gamble on.

On the following pages, we provide information on the best skill game sites for specific games. In addition to a list of the best gambling sites on each page, you will also find more details on the attributes and qualities of those sites.  Beginners should start by reading our online skill games guide before playing for real money.

Real Money Online Skill Games

There are a number of different skill games that you can play online for real money. It is an increasingly popular way to gamble online as you have, largely down to the fact that you have more control over whether you win money or not. Unlike games of chance such as bingo or casino, skill games give you the opportunity to use your own abilities when gambling and if you are any good then you can expect to turn a profit. There is a range of skill games gambling sites on the web, offering a variety of skill games such as rummy, backgammon and dominoes.

The great thing about playing skill games online for real money is that you can play whenever you want, against players from all over the world. Gambling on skill games can be great entertainment and it is also perfectly possible to win some money if you can play your chosen game, or games, to a decent standard. This guide to online skill games offers some tips on how to get the most out of online skill games gambling. This is not a strategy guide that will teach you how to play the various skill games, but just some general advice which you might find useful.

Where to Play Skill Games Online

The first thing you will need to do to play skill games online for real money is to sign up at an skill games site. There are plenty to choose from, but it is essential to choose one that is suitable for what you are looking for. There are number of factors you should take into consideration when deciding which site to join, one of the most important being the range of skill games available. There are many different skill games that can be played online, but they are not all available at every skill games site. Some skill games sites will be focussed on a specific game while others will have a choice of different games, so it is worth checking out what is available before signing up.

There are a few other factors that you need to take into account too, such as the quality of the software, how many people there are to play against and the stakes you can play for. It might be tempting to sign up at the first skill game site that you come across, but it really is worth taking a bit of time to investigate the options and make an informed decision.

Welcome Bonuses and Other Incentives

Hopefully, you will be able to make plenty of money from playing skill games online, but you should always be looking for any extra value you can gain. A great way of getting some extra value from playing skill games online is taking advantage of the welcome bonuses that most skill games sites offer new customers. The size of these welcome bonuses can vary from one gambling site to another, as can the related terms and conditions, so this is something else you should look out for when choosing where to play.

In addition to the welcome bonuses that the majority of skill games sites offer, you will also find that the top skill games site also run a variety of other promotions designed to reward their customers. Again, these promotions can vary; there might be a loyalty scheme that offers rewards based on how much you play for example, or monthly reload bonuses for when you deposit. The point is, there is plenty of extra value to be had from playing skill games online and you should take advantage of it where it is available.

Money Management and Responsible Gambling

Regardless of whether you are playing online skill games for a bit of excitement and entertainment, or taking it seriously with the intention of turning a decent profit, it is very important to practice good management of your money and to and gamble responsibly. If you want to have fun playing skill games online then you should only be playing with money that you have set aside for the purpose as the fun can soon disappear if you are losing money you can’t afford. By having a bankroll that is specifically for playing skill games online then you can concentrate on playing the games without worrying about the money. Even if you are an excellent player at your preferred game you will probably lose a few games at some point so you need to be prepared for that. If you use good bankroll management then you will enjoy playing skill games online much more and also have a better chance of winning money in the long run.

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