Best Video Poker Sites

Video poker is a popular game at many brick and mortar casinos. This has made it easy for the game to make the transition to online gambling. Playing at the best video poker sites can be even better than playing video poker at a live casino. This is because the best video poker sites have a greater selection of video poker games and bonus offers for free chips.

Playing Video Poker Games For Real Money Online

All video poker played online is either accessed directly in the browser or through downloadable software. To install the casino software, you must first download the installation file from the casino home page. The installation for the best video poker sites will take only a few minutes, which you can use to register for an account. If not, registration may be possible directly through the program. The next step is to fund you account which you can do by using one of the banking methods accepted by the casino.

After these steps are complete, you can begin playing at the best video poker sites online by accessing the video poker section of the casino software. After choosing a game, you will be asked to make a wager. After wagering you are given a traditional five card poker hand and have the option of keeping any or none of the cards. After exchanging the cards, the game will deal again and you will win money depending on how strong your poker hand is. The best video poker sites have a variety of games, each with their own set of rules.

Qualities of Top Rated Video Poker Sites

Video Poker is such a popular form of online gambling that just about every betting site and online casino will have video poker games available. If you enjoy playing video poker online, then there are plenty of options for where to play – but you should take some time to make sure you choose somewhere that is right for you. There are a number of factors that you should take into account when making this decision; the following four we believe to be particularly important.

  • Game Selection and Variations. If you like video poker then you will know that the game comes in many different variations. There are lots of versions of video poker, and they all have their own advantages. Most video poker players will have their preferences, but usually enjoy playing a few of the different video poker games available. The best video poker sites have a great selection of games offering something for everyone.
  • Minimum and Maximum Stakes. Video poker is great fun to play and it is easy to play the game for hours at a time. Some players like to play for a long time, wagering small amounts at a time, while others like to bet big on each turn of the cards. The range of stakes available will vary from one casino site to another, so it is important to choose somewhere that offers stakes that suit your own preferences. You will find that the top video poker sites cater for everyone and have low minimum stakes and high maximum stakes.
  • Usability and Functionality of Software. Playing video poker online is much easier, and more fun, when the software is of a good standard. Video poker is a fairly simple game, but there is certain interaction involved, such as choosing which cards to hold. The best video poker sites have decent software that is really easy to use and offers additional features – like being able to double up any wins on high/low or red/black games.
  • Bonuses, Promotions and Loyalty Schemes. Video poker is one of those games where sometimes you go on really good streaks and win plenty, but other times you have spells where you do not get much luck. Being on a bad streak can be really frustrating – but if you choose to play at one of the best video poker sites, you will find that you can still get some free money from bonuses and promotions. A number of casino sites will give video poker players extra value in the form of sign up and reload bonuses, and even loyalty schemes where you can get some money back every time you play – regardless of whether you win or lose.

When choosing an online gaming site, there are many factors that should be taken into account. We believe those listed above are among the most important – but some qualities will be more relevant than others, depending on your own preferences. There are also some other considerations that might be more important to you, such as those listed below.

  • Quality And Compatibility of Software. Video poker is very much a game of luck, there isn’t really a lot of skill involved. The entertainment ultimately comes from the chance of winning decent money on the turn of a card – but it is also important that the overall experience is enjoyable. Some gambling sites will have software which is really slow and has poor graphics. This might not be really matter to you, but decent software will probably be more enjoyable. The best video poker sites have high quality software that is compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices.
  • Quality of Customer Service. The quality of the customer service at an online gaming site can also affect your experience. Hopefully, you won’t encounter too many issues – but if you do it is nice to be able to expect a swift and helpful response when you contact customer support.
  • Reputation, Security and Fairness. Reputations have to be earned in any industry and it is no different in the online gambling world. Gambling sites that treat their customers fairly, ensure their private details are secure and generally offer a good service will earn themselves a good reputation. We would always advise playing at a video poker site that has a strong reputation.
  • Licensing and Regulation. We only ever list gambling sites that are licensed and regulated. You should always check that a site holds a legitimate license before deciding to sign up there.
  • Depositing and Withdrawing. Getting you money in and out of your online gambling account shouldn’t be difficult. The best video poker sites will provide a number of banking options for making deposits, and cashing out any winnings.
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