Harness racing is a form of horse racing where the animal pulls the jockey on a two-wheeled cart called a sulky. This type of racing requires the horse to race in a specified gait. A gait is how fast the horse moves during the race. This form of racing is popular in North America, Europe and Australia. It is common for people to gamble on harness racing. The best harness racing gambling sites allow players to bet on a variety of horse races taking place at many different tracks.

Harness Racing Basics

Harness racing is different from most horse racing events in that the jockey does not sit on the back of the horse. They sit in a cart pulled by the horse. Harness racing is usually limited to Standard bred horses. Standard bred horses have shorter legs and longer bodies than Thoroughbred horses. Races are restricted to two different gaits. These gaits are trotting and pacing. This means that horses move relatively slow and cannot gallop. In Europe, races usually restrict horses to only trotting. In North America and Australia, most races restrict horses to only pacing. Races are restricted to these two gaits for the safety of the jockey.

There are several methods of betting on harness racing. All methods give the bettors the odds of each race. The win bet method is the easiest and most common form of betting. You predict what horse will win the race and you collect money if your horse comes in first. Another method is called a place bet. For a place bet, you select a horse and collect money if your horse comes in first or second. Another popular method is called a show bet. You collect money on a show bet if your horse comes in first, second or third place. The pick 3 method is one of the more risky bets. Bettors must predict the winners for three consecutive races in order to win the pick 3.

Attributes of a Harness Racing Gambling Site

There are many sites that allow people to bet on harness racing. The best harness racing gambling sites will offer bettors the opportunity to wager on races that take place at a variety of tracks. Look for sites that feature at least some of the following tracks:

  • Arlington Park
  • Belmont Park
  • Churchill Downs
  • Penn National
  • Hoosier Park

The best harness racing gambling sites will also accept a variety of countries, currencies and deposit options. Keep in mind that many gambling and betting sites do not accept players from the U.S. Most gambling sites will accept many of the major currencies including the American dollar, the euro and the British pound. You will also want to look for a site that accepts many payment options. The best harness gambling sites will accept major credit credits cards and e-wallet payment services like Neteller and Click2Pay.

Harness racing is a form of horse racing that is popular in the U.S. and many countries in Europe. Betting on horse racing can be very profitable and it can make races more exciting. The best harness racing gambling sites will feature many different tracks and accept players from many countries.