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There can few more satisfying things in online gambling than landing a really big win, whether a major poker tournament, a big sports bet or a great session at the casino tables. At most online gambling sites you will also find there are often big jackpots up for grabs, giving you a much better chance of winning a big pay out. Gambling jackpots come in all shapes and sizes, and can be won on most forms of online gambling. On this page, we look at some of the more common types of jackpots, and also provide a list of some of best gambling sites for jackpots.

The following selecting of gambling sites all frequently have big jackpots that can be won. The nature and the size of these jackpots can vary, so we won’t go into exact detail about the jackpots here. But if you like the idea of going for a big jackpot, then these gambling sites are all well worth taking a look at. They are all highly rated in many of the areas that we consider important in online gambling sites, and also have some of the best jackpots around.

Gambling Sites with Big Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots have become increasingly common at online gambling sites, largely due to the amount of people that are gambling online these days. A progressive jackpot is most likely to be found on casino games, and is one that increases every time the game is played until such time as it is won. Progressive jackpots tend to attract a lot of interest from players as they can involve huge cash prizes – often hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions. For more information on progressive jackpots and some of the sites that have them, please visit our page on the Best Progressive Jackpot Sites.

Online Casino Jackpots

Most jackpots that you see at online gambling sites will be related to casino games, and in particular slots and video poker. The vast majority of online slot games have some kind of jackpot that can be won, either through an in-game feature or by spinning a particular combination of symbols. Slots jackpots are often for a fixed amount of coins and the actual pay out will depend on the amount you wager on a spin. A number of online slots will also have a progressive jackpot, as discussed above. Video poker games will also often a jackpot available, typically that is won if you manage to get a Royal Flush.

When we are rating online casinos, the size and number of jackpots available is one of the factors that we take into consideration. Please take a look at our section on the Best Casino Sites for further information.

Online Bingo Jackpots

Online bingo is another form of gambling where jackpots are common, and most bingo sites will have a wide range of jackpots available. Bingo jackpots can come in a variety of different forms, and at many bingo sites there will be a number of jackpots that can be one in different ways. One of the more common jackpots at bingo sites is where there is a particular jackpot game that is played once a day or once a week. If you get a full house in that game within a specific number of balls, then you win the jackpot.

To get an idea of the various different bingo jackpots that can be won, you should take a look at some online bingo sites and see what they offer. We would recommend signing up at any of the bingo sites we have listed in our Best Bingo Sites section, as these typically have very generous jackpots.

Other Gambling Jackpots

Although most online gambling jackpots will usually be related to casino or bingo games, there are some other forms of gambling where jackpots can be won. For example, a lot of online poker sites will have what is known as a bad beat jackpot. The exact terms for winning a bad beat jackpot will vary at the different poker sites, but typically it is won if you have a particularly strong hand (such as quads) which is beaten by a stronger hand (like higher ranked quads or a straight flush). Some poker sites will also have jackpots that can be won if you win a certain amount of tournaments consecutively.

Jackpots are less common at sports betting sites, but they are not unheard of. A sports betting site might, for example, have a jackpot that is won if you can correctly predict the outcome of several soccer games in one weekend. If the idea of winning a big jackpot appeals to you, then be sure to check out what jackpots are available at a gambling site before signing up.

Other Types Of Jackpots At Gambling Websites

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