Novelty betting is often regarded as a bit of fun – a break from the more common forms of gambling, such as sports betting. However, novelty gambling has become more widespread, and there are many opportunities for finding some interesting wagers with this form of gambling. The term novelty gambling is a fairly vague term applied to betting on markets that are a little unusual. Examples of novelty gambling markets include the weather, politics, and reality TV shows. More and more gambling sites are offering betting markets for such wagers, becoming an increasingly popular form of gambling. We explore what attributes you should look for when choosing a gambling site for novelty betting on this page. We also list our recommendations for the best novelty gambling sites.

Gambling websites mostly offer markets on the biggest sporting events and the most popular sports, but that has changed as online gambling has become more common. You can now bet on virtually any sport you could imagine and a whole host of other things too, such as who will win a particular TV show, how long a celebrity marriage will last, and whether it will snow on Christmas day. Wagering on these markets is widely referred to as novelty betting, and many gambling sites are perfect for this type of betting.

How We Rate Novelty Betting Websites

When we make recommendations for the best gambling sites, we try to be as specific as possible and categorize sites according to whether they are suitable for a particular form of gambling. We look at certain attributes and qualities that we feel are the most important and then rate gambling sites accordingly. For the best novelty gambling sites, such as the ones that we have listed above, it is the following factors that we pay particular attention to.

  • Range of Wagers Available
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Competitive Odds
  • Banking Options
  • Customer Service

The range of wagers available is essential when it comes to novelty gambling. There is essentially an almost limitless amount of novelty betting markets that a gambling site could choose to offer – and the more available, the better. The bigger the range of bets available at a novelty gambling site, the more likely you will find a market that you know something about – and have a good chance of making a winning wager.

A user-friendly interface is also a key factor for the best gambling sites, as it just makes the whole process of using the site that much easier. A betting interface that is well designed and easy to navigate and use means that placing wagers is a simple process that requires minimal effort. In turn, this makes the overall user experience a much better one – something which the top gambling sites strive for.

Competitive odds are important for pretty much any form of betting, really, as they can greatly impact how much money you win or lose. With novelty betting, it is imperative as some of the markets are quite obscure and maybe not widely offered. So you have fewer options for comparing the odds at different sites. The best novelty gambling sites will consistently offer fairly priced odds that ensure you are getting good value on your wagers.

Banking options and customer service are two attributes that are all too often overlooked, but they are actually pretty significant. If you want to place bets online, you will need to get funds online, which should be an easy process. The top novelty gambling sites ensure this is the case by offering a range of options for depositing, such as debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and various e-wallets. The same options will also be available for making withdrawals, and any cashouts should be processed quickly and efficiently. If you ever encounter any issues, a good customer support team should be on hand to deal with those issues and address any queries you may have swiftly and effectively.