Gambling Sites By Operating System

The best gambling sites for compatibility are ranked here according to how well they work with various operating systems. For Windows users, compatibility isn’t a concern, but for people who use Mac, Linux and Ubuntu, it can be difficult to find gambling sites that work well. In the hopes of helping everyone find the best gambling site, we have put together a listing of the best compatible gambling sites.

Gambling Site

You can visit any of the pages below for a listing of the best gambling sites for that operating system. So if you run a Mac setup, you can take a look at the Mac gambling page to find out which gambling sites we recommend for Macs. The same thing also goes for Linux and Ubuntu users.

Top Lists For Each Operating System

Ranked By Overall Compatibility

On this list, we have identified the best gambling sites for overall compatibility. These gambling sites are known for offering games that all computer users can access. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows, Mac, Linux or Ubuntu system; these sites will work for you.

In most cases, these gambling sites use flash technology to display the games in your internet browser. This makes it so that you can use any computer to access the games and play for real money. All you need is a connection to the internet and you can play at any of the best gambling sites listed here.

There’s nothing special you have to do to display these games on your computer. The software is designed to work with all current web browsers. Once you log in and access the casino, you’ll find that the graphics are surprisingly nice for not having to download anything. Each game loads in its own window, so there are no long waits while the casino downloads.

How We Rate Gambling Websites For All Operating Systems

The best gambling sites for compatibility have been ranked according to how well those sites work with each operating system. We take into consideration how easy it is to get started, how quickly the software loads and how nice everything looks. Gambling sites that experience frequent errors or have sub-par graphics have been omitted from each listing.

We also use each site’s overall quality and its security measures to help determine the order of rankings. It’s nice to find gambling sites that work with your operating system, but it’s just as important to make sure the site is a safe and secure place to play. And of course, you also want to find quality in graphics, customer support and game variety.

Once we have a list of gambling sites that meet those specifications, we then rank them according to how well each site performs in all categories. The sites that have everything put together well are listed the highest on each list. These are what we consider to be the “best gambling sites” for compatibility.

Best Mac Gambling Sites

Mac computers are increasing in popularity so more and more gambling sites are making sure they work well with Macs. Rival Gaming is currently the only software provider that offers a full download option for Macs, while every other gambling site uses no-download technology to display the games. If you have a Mac and need a new gambling site, we recommend you check out this page for the best gambling sites.

Best Linux Gambling Sites

Linux is an operating system that is designed to be fast, flexible and light. The software works beautifully but there aren’t many companies out there that make Linux-compatible software. Fortunately, online casino sites use no-download casinos to make sure everyone can play. As long as your computer can access the internet, you can play at any of the best Linux gambling sites.

Best Ubuntu Gambling Sites

Ubuntu is similar to Linux but has its own special features. This operating system is growing in popularity but it still has a ways to go before we see mass production of Linux-compatible software. The good news is that online gambling sites work just fine with Ubuntu computers. Once again, all you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.

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