Limit poker is perhaps the most popular format in land-based casinos and at real money online poker websites. This is because limit poker rules allow for a relatively straightforward game set by the two bet limits. It is less difficult to understand than pot limit poker and is more applicable to micro, low, and mid-tier stakes levels than no limit poker.

Limit Poker games are where skill and discipline are learned and earned one big bet at a time.  Welcome to, where we will aim to provide the best information, reviews, and strategy to limit poker players.  With so much old and outdated information on other sites, we bring fixed limit poker into 2019 with training guides, poker deposit bonuses, and Rakeback deals for limit poker grinders.

Fixed Limit Poker Basics

A betting limit is a restriction placed on the amount that a player can open or raise during a poker game. To cater to various betting preferences, every online poker room offers at least three forms of limits:

Limit Poker: Also known as fixed limit poker, this style utilizes a low and high bet limit that is fixed by rule. The high limit is set to double that of the low limit to allow players to bluff or make a protection play. Limit poker games operate with a betting cap that may consist of one bet and three raises per round before said round is considered capped.

No Limit Poker: The simplest limit type. No limit means that players can raise the bet however much they want to. No limit poker games usually carry a minimum opening bet, and any raise must be at least the size of the previous wager.

Pot Limit Poker: Pot-limit works on the premise that players can raise the size of the game’s total pot but no more. There is also a minimum raise stipulation that requires players to make a raise that is at least the size of the previous bet or raise during the betting round.

Limit Poker Games And Variations

Almost every game of poker is offered in a fixed limit format, and several poker games use a limit betting structure exclusively. When talking about how to play limit poker, some of the types of limit poker games, we’ll be talking about include:

Many of these limit poker games include other types of games, as an example, Stud Poker games include 7 card and 5 card variations, as well as hi and hi-low variations.  Mixed Poker games include games like H.O.R.S.E and the new 8 game mixed options.

How Limit Poker Sites Work

Two wager numbers identify limit poker games. For example, a limit poker game may carry a $2/$4 limit or a $5/$10 limit. The first limit number represents the low bet limit. The low bet limit is most commonly used during the first two rounds of betting. The low limit number also identifies the big blind for the game. Therefore, a limit poker game with a $2/$4 limit means the big blind is $2. The second limit number represents the high bet limit used for the last two betting rounds for Texas Hold-Em or Omaha poker games. Fixed limit Seven Card Stud games use the same limit structure, except the higher limit is used for the last three betting rounds.

Real Money Fixed Limit Poker Games Online

As a standard, we’ll be creating this site as a guide to playing limit poker online. Many concepts will apply to live limit poker, but this site will focus on online limit poker games and how to make the most money possible, clearing Rakeback and online poker bonus offers. Some of the concepts we’ll talk about include:

  • Limit Poker Strategy
  • Fixed Limit Tournaments
  • Limit Poker Training Videos
  • Limit Poker Rakeback
  • Math, Probability, and Odds
  • VIP and Loyalty Programs Focused On Limit Players
  • Deposit Bonus Clearing On Limit Poker Tables

Before you make a real money online poker deposit, make sure you are up to date on all the deposit and payment methods available in your country. Poker Stars is the biggest poker site globally and has the most fixed limit poker games for real money. It is no surprise that Poker Stars is also the easiest poker site to deposit at for fixed limit tables. Full Tilt Poker also offers easy US deposit and withdrawal methods and is the second most popular limit poker site.

Betting Caps

Limit poker games all carry a betting cap. This limits each betting round to only three or four raises by the players. The cap works in conjunction with the two betting limits to keep the game within reach for players regardless of how excessive their bankroll may or may not be. For instance, in a game with a $1/$2 limit, a cap at three or four raises means that no player will be able to raise over $8. The cap forces the game to continue to the next betting round. It helps minimize the overall potential losses for the players by capping excessive raising during a betting round.

Drawing Odds

Limit poker allows the casual player to succeed by focusing on the statistical odds and mathematics portion of poker rather than the psychological aspect. All limit poker sites operate their limit games, with the higher limit being twice the lower limit. For example, if the lower limits are  $1, $10, and $15, the higher limits will always be $2, $20, and $30 respectively. There will never be a limit game of $4/$7 or anything similar. This means that the worst odds a player could experience during any limit game is 2:1 on the money they wagered.

Experiencing 2:1 odds in limit poker is not very prevalent, however. It requires a specific sequence to occur. For instance, a $2/$4 limit game could have a $4 big blind for a pot of $8 total if both the small blind and big blind players were to have checked on the flop. However, not many limit games immediately see all the players fold to the small blind in the game’s early stages. So, the $4 big blind and $8 total, which make 2:1 odds, turns into 3:1 odds if more than 2 players are still in.

Basic Limit Poker Strategy

Compared to no-limit poker games, limit players will not win every single hand played during a limit game. This requires players to focus on the statistical odds of each circumstance to win the advantageous hands and minimize the number of hands they misplay.

The slower gameplay of limit poker places a greater emphasis on playing hands without great cards. Limit poker players eventually learn that they have to work with suited connectors and medium pairs while rarely bluffing since it is usually inexpensive to call out a bluff in a limit game.