Prop bets is short for proposition bets, and these are wagers that are placed on specific outcomes, usually related to sporting events.

Prop bets often focus on exact aspects of a sporting event, such as which player will score the most points or which team will score first. They can also be more generalized bets, such as which team will win a particular sporting event.

Most gambling sites offer prop bets on a whole range of betting markets, such as major poker tournaments, reality TV shows, politics, and the weather. Some gambling sites will refer to prop bets as specials or special bets, and we have compiled a list below of the best prop betting sites.

The gambling sites listed on this page are all highly recommended for prop betting and generally offer a great selection of available prop bets.

Take the NFL Super Bowl, for example – a sporting event that is very popular for prop bettors and one on which most gambling sites have several different bets available.

A typical prop bet on the Super Bowl could be on something as simple as which team will score first or something less obvious, like which players will dance as part of their celebration.

Generally speaking, the more high profile the event, the more types of prop bet will be available.

Most gambling sites will offer prop bets on most major sports events. Prop betting on reality TV shows has also become commonplace, with shows like X-Factor or Big Brother attracting getting plenty of coverage from gambling sites.

Attributes of Top Prop Betting Sites

The following factors are those that we believe most relevant when it comes to choosing a gambling site for prop betting.

  • Betting Market Coverage. If you are doing a lot of prop betting, then ideally, you want a good range of markets to bet on.
  • Range of Bets Available.
  • Competitive Odds and Prices.
  • Minimum and Maximum Wagers.