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Prop bets is short for proposition bets, and these are wagers that are placed on specific outcomes, usually related to sporting events. Prop bets often focus on very precise aspects of a sporting event such as which player will score the most points or which team will score first. They can also be more generalised bets such as which team will win a particular sporting event. Most gambling sites offer prop bets on a whole range of betting markets, such as major poker tournaments, reality TV shows, politics and the weather. Some gambling sites will refer to prop bets as specials, or special bets, and we have compiled a list below of the best sites for this type of wager.

Prop bets have becoming increasingly popular, largely because the prop betting markets have got bigger over recent years and also because they are very simple wagers to make. Prop bets can offer great value and there is definitely money to be made from prop betting if you know what you are doing. For the best chance of profiting from prop bets, you need to use a gambling site that has a decent rage of prop bets on various markets. The gambling sites listed on this page are all highly recommended for prop betting and generally offer a great selection of available prop bets.

About Prop Betting Online

There is no doubt that prop gambling is incredibly popular. It is a very simple and straightforward way to place a wager without any additional complications. You are just betting on one specific outcome, and if you make the right prediction then your wager will be a winner. The best prop gambling sites offer a whole host of different prop bets, commonly related to sporting events but also covering many other markets.

You will find many excellent and exciting betting opportunities at the top rated prop gambling sites; some of the available bets will be on fairly obscure outcomes while others will be more obvious. Take the NFL Super Bowl for example – a sporting event that is very popular for prop bettors and one on which most gambling sites have several different bets available. A typical prop bet on the Super Bowl could be on something as simple as which team will score first or something less obvious like which players will dance as part of their celebration.

Generally speaking, the more high profile the event, the more types of prop bet will be available. Obviously the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, so it is no surprise that there are lots of prop betting opportunities for it. Most gambling sites will also offer lots of prop bets on major tournaments for many of the popular sports, such as golf, tennis and soccer for example. Prop betting on reality TV shows has also become commonplace, with shows like X-Factor or Big Brother attracting getting plenty of coverage from gambling sites.

Attributes of Top Prop Betting Sites

When we are deciding which gambling sites to list in a particular category, there are a number of different factors that we take into account and certain attributes that we look for. There are many of the qualities that we consider important in all types of gambling sites, and some that are more specific to an individual category. The following factors are those that we believe most relevant when it comes to choosing a gambling site for prop betting.

  • Betting Market Coverage. If you are going to be doing a lot of prop betting, then ideally you want a good range of markets to bet on. Prop betting is largely considered a bit of fun, and an exciting way to gamble, but there is actually some decent profit to be had from prop betting if you take it reasonably seriously. The best gambling sites cover a lot of different markets, including most major sporting events, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for you place some prop bets.
  • Range of Bets Available. This is a similar point to the one above, but is also one worthy of consideration. As well as covering a lot of different markets, the best gambling sites will also offer a good selection of prop bets on each of those markets. As an example, we’ll refer again to the Super Bowl – the top gambling sites will offer dozens of prop bets on this one event alone. The more prop bets that are available on a particular event, the better your chances are of finding a bet that offers some decent value and has a good chance of winning.
  • Competitive Prices. Getting decent odds is hugely important when it comes to prop betting. The very nature of prop betting means that some of your bets will be quite easy to pick while others will be more difficult. For the absolute best chance of making a profit through prop betting, it is vital that the odds you get for your bets reflect real value. The best gambling sites are consistently competitive in the odds that they offer, which will ultimately help you make money.
  • Minimum and Maximum Wagers. Most gambling websites have certain minimums and maximums in place for the size of your wagers. If you tend to place your prop bets at mid-range stakes, then this is unlikely to present a problem for you. However, if you like to bet particularly big, or if you tend to make smaller wagers, then you need to make sure that you use a gambling site that is suitable for you preferred level of stakes. The best gambling sites have low minimums and high maximums, ensuring that everyone is well catered for.
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