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Betting on sports is a prevalent form of online gambling, and there are plenty of online gambling sites where you can wager on sporting events around the world. If you like to bet on sports and are looking for new gambling to sign up, this page will help you. We list the best sports betting sites overall and have recommendations for the best betting sites for specific sports. In addition, we also talk about the sort of qualities that are important in sports betting sites.

The following betting sites all offer a wide range of betting markets covering the most popular sports and even some less common leagues and events. If you are likely to be wagering on a variety of different sports, then these are the best bookmakers. We are comfortable recommending these sport betting sites based on our own experiences of betting with them.

Sports Specific Ratings Of Betting Sites – On each of the following pages, you will find a list of the best betting websites for the relevant sport, along with details of the qualities they have that lead us to recommend them. We have extensive experience at a huge range of sports betting sites, and we are completely confident that the brands we list are genuinely the best options. You will find that some gambling websites appear in multiple lists, as there are many sports betting sites that are particularly good for a plethora of markets.

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Rating Online Sports Betting Websites

There are certain qualities that we look for when choosing which online sports betting sites we recommend here. The best online sportsbooks have specific attributes that you should pay close attention to, as they will greatly enhance your overall experience. At, we take pride in only recommending providers that genuinely have all the attributes we believe they should. In particular, we consider the following factors to be critical:

  • Ease of Use and Functionality
  • Range of Markets
  • Banking Options
  • Customer Rewards
  • Competitive Odds

Firstly, a good online sports gambling site will make it easy to register and open your account. This will be your first experience with the site, and it should be a positive one. The registration process is simple and takes just a few moments to complete. In addition, researching and placing your picks should also be easy. The top gambling sites have very simple platforms where making your selections involves just a few clicks.

The range of betting markets available is also a key factor, particularly if you enjoy punting on a variety of different sports. The best online bookmakers cover all the major leagues as well as most other popular events. Trusted operators also make it very easy to get your money in and out of your real money account by providing several convenient options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Most are also very good at rewarding their loyal customers. Most online sports betting sites will offer a signup bonus of some kind to new customers, and you should almost always take advantage of this added value. A VIP loyalty scheme that gives even more added value to regular customers should also be offered.

Competitive odds are also very important, as good prices will have a big impact on your online sports betting profitability. Oddsmakers consistently offer very competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value out of your wagers. You might want to consider some other factors, too, such as the minimum and maximum limits allowed and the quality of their customer service. We always stress playing with brands that are properly licensed in your jurisdiction, if possible.  Having a good reputation and solid history of paying winners is also a prerequisite to being listed on our pages.

Choosing Online Sports Gambling Sites

Be sure to choose a bookie that is particularly well suited for coverage on your preferred sports. You will find that some cover markets better than others.

However, we can save you the time and effort of doing your own research. We have compiled lists of the best gambling sites for specific sports with strong reputations, and appealing signup offers right here!

Most fans place wagers as a form of entertainment. It can be a lot of fun, and many recreational punters enjoy wagering small amounts on their favorite teams to add a bit of excitement to the viewing experience. Others take it very seriously and put considerable time and effort into their selections, with the hopes of becoming a consistent winner.   Either way, we recommend opening accounts at several sports betting sites to ensure you are always getting the best price and offers.

Using an Online Sports Betting Site

Whether you are a recreational or a seasoned professional, the easiest and most convenient way to bet on sports is to do it online. To do so, you will need to sign up and fund a real money account. It is important to spend a bit of time looking at the options and choosing a few sites that fit your preferences with so much choice.

Fundamental Sports Betting Strategy

As already mentioned, there is no guaranteed recipe for success. Ultimately, it will come down to your knowledge and ability. Sports betting should never be considered an easy way to make money, and you should be aware of the risks involved. However, there are a few important pieces of advice that will give you a much better chance of success.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “the bookmakers never lose” at some point in your life, and to some extent, this is true. In the long run, oddsmakers usually win, primarily because they balance their books to make sure they do. It is also because many sports bettors don’t really put a huge amount of thought into the wagers they are placing and often make a bet on the outcome they want to happen rather than what they really believe will happen. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach if you are wagering for entertainment value. Still, if you have any aspirations of profiting consistently, then you need a different mindset. One of the first rules of successful sports betting is to bet with your head and not your heart while keeping your emotions in check. Quite simply, any wager you place should be thought through and made because you genuinely believe it has a good chance of winning and offers the right value.

On the subject of value, this is something that you need to understand if you are to be successful intrinsically. You should be thinking about more than just whether the bet is likely to win. It would be best to consider whether the odds are good enough value to make a bet worthwhile. For example, many sports gamblers like to pick clear favorites in the belief that because the favorite is most likely to win, you will win more often than you lose. Very technically, this is true, certainly for a number of sports. In reality, you will find that the odds for the favorite are not offered at a good price. You will have to risk more to win a little. Following that type of strategy will eventually catch up to you.

These two points could be considered the fundamentals of a good sports betting strategy. If you can grasp the concept of value, you will have a much likelier chance of winning.