Basketball is a high scoring sport that can feature large point swings within a matter of minutes. The best basketball betting sites are user friendly, offering quick sign up and convenient gambling options to get you in on the action.

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The most popular way to gamble on basketball involves wagering on point spreads. Point spreads are created by sportsbooks to make each game more equal for gamblers. The team that is favored in a particular game gives points to the team expected to lose.

For example, if you gamble on a team that is a 12 point favorite, they have to win by more than 12 for you to have a successful wager. On the other hand, if you gamble on a team that is a 5 point underdog, they have to lose by less than 5 or win the game outright for you to win.

Another popular basketball gambling method is wagering on the point totals for a particular game. This is called gambling on the over/under. A total for the combined score of both teams in a game is predicted. If you think the score will be more than this number, you bet the over. If you think it will be less, you bet the under.

The game is considered a push if the actual final score is the same as the predicted total. The amount you gambled on the game is returned in a push.

Money line wagers are a third form of basketball gambling. This involves choosing who you think will win the game without using point spreads. Basketball gambling sites provide odds for each team. You will have to risk more money than you have the chance to win if you wager on the favorite.

Qualities of Top Rated Basketball Betting Sites

Most betting sites and online bookmakers will have markets on basketball. When choosing where to bet on basketball, there are certain factors to consider before signing up.