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Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or don’t know a left jab from a right cross, we hope you’ll find this to be the most informative and down-to-earth website on the internet dedicated to betting on the sweet science. We cover everything from the basic of placing wagers to recommend the best boxing betting sites to previewing upcoming fights.

As the name suggests, we’ll be devoting a significant portion of our efforts into ranking, reviewing and recommending the best boxing betting sites for real money. Everything else comes secondary to giving you solid recommendations of where to bet. We could publish the best fight previews in the world, but it would all be for naught if you didn’t have a safe place to park your bankroll and place wagers.

Where to Bet on Boxing Online

If your natural inclination is to be skeptical of some random website’s list of the “top boxing bookmakers,” well, we can’t say we blame you. The internet is a great resource for information, but it is also a noisy and crowded place. Trying to find reliable information online is sometimes more like trying to listen to one person’s rational argument in a room full of carnival barkers than anything else.

We hope to earn your trust over time by always sticking to our core value which is this: always shooting straight (i.e. telling the truth) no matter the consequences. If we offend some bookmaker or miss out on advertising revenue because we fail to promote low quality betting sites, that’s fine by us. We would rather earn the good will of our readers than be just another source of useless noise on the internet.

Ranking the Best Boxing Betting Sites

The betting sites that you see above earned their places here in much the same way we hope to earn a place on your bookmarks list – by shooting straight. We have signed up, deposited, bet and cashed out from dozens of bookmakers over more than a decade of wagering. It has been an expensive education, but an education nonetheless.

In particular, what these boxing gambling websites offer is a positive experience from start to finish. Signing up and making a deposit is easy, the boxing betting odds are reasonable and the withdrawal process is painless. The best boxing bookmakers simply let you place your bets, get paid and then go on about your day.

One of the key advantages of doing your betting online is that you have many bookmakers to choose from. The online betting industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade and there are now more places to bet on boxing online than at any other time in history. This means we can be as picky as we want when it comes to choosing just a few sites to recommend to our readers.

So, we don’t just rank betting sites by trust and reputation. There are actually quite a few reputable online bookmakers to choose from. Some of the other things we consider in our rankings include:

  • Coverage of Matches: One of the easiest ways to narrow down our options to a few select bookmakers is to identify those that cover fights big and small. Many sites treat boxing as a minor diversion and only cover the occasional super fight. The sport of boxing is so much bigger than just the elite names.
  • Betting Odds: In our experience, we have found that some boxing betting sites consistently offer better odds than all the rest. The best bookmakers pay more when you bet on the underdog and ask you to risk less when you bet on the favourite.
  • Ease of Use: Today’s online bookmakers are huge. They cover dozens of sports and offer literally thousands of bets every single day. Something as minor as intuitive navigation has a real impact on your overall experience.
  • Live Betting: Live (or in-play) betting allows you to bet on boxing matches in real time as they happen. If you’re watching a fight and are halfway through he third round, you can actually bet on who will win that round and then get paid as soon as the fourth round starts. Live betting is just plain fun.
  • Customer Support: Bet on boxing long enough and eventually something strange will happen or a question will come up. A competent customer support team can make the difference between getting paid and wondering if you just got ripped off.

Our Goals and Mission

Boxing and betting have long gone hand-in-hand, but it seems like most websites these days devote little time or energy into boxing. If you’re lucky you might find the occasional writeup in anticipation of some upcoming super fight or a quick guide to understanding the odds. Finding truly in-depth information is a chore that usually involves slogging through dozens of websites just to find what you want.

That’s not to say other people are doing it wrong – after all, there are plenty of other sports out there that probably generate way more interest, views and clicks. Not everyone has to love boxing, and that’s fine by us. We are happy to fill the void and do our best to become your first stop for all things boxing.

Our main objective is:

  • Helping our readers find safe boxing betting sites
  • Publishing previews and analyses of upcoming fights
  • Comparing the odds offered by various bookmakers
  • Sharing and linking to interesting content from around the web

Fight previews and odds comparisons will also play important roles here. One of the cool things about boxing is that the media loves a big fight. Whenever one of the big names starts hinting about an upcoming match, sports writers come out of the woodwork to offer their opinions, talk stats, discuss rumors and obtain interviews.

There is certainly no lack of interesting reading around fight time. However, it can also be a bit overwhelming when you’re just trying to figure out where the smart money goes. The signal to noise ratio just gets so far out of whack that you end up with information overload. We’ll be making sure our match previews are straightforward, to the point and based on hard data.

One other important thing we’ll be sure to cover in our previews is a comparison of the odds on each fight as offered by the internet’s major boxing bookmakers. Line shopping is absolutely vital to your long term success and also happens to be one of the easiest ways to improve your results.

If, say, Unibet is offering 2/1 on a boxer while 888Sport is willing to pay 5/2 on that same fighter, the different in payout is significant. A £100 bet at 2/1 would return £200 in profit while that same wager at 5/2 would return £250 in profits. That’s the easiest £50 you’ll ever make – and this is a very realistic example.

And finally, we have no problem linking out to useful resources and “competing” websites. If someone else has something interesting or useful to say, we are more than happy to point the way. We believe everyone benefits when websites are transparent and willing to share information. Sites such BoxRec and services such as CompuBox are infinitely useful for the serious boxing handicapper. If we find something valuable on the internet, we’ll pass it along.

Is it legal to bet on boxing online?

It all depends on where you live. In most countries, the laws are vague and contradictory at best. In others, the legal system has yet to catch up with the rise of the internet as a commercial domain. The laws vary from country to country, region to region and sometimes even from one town to the next.

So with that in mind, one thing we decided to do when ranking the best boxing betting sites was to stick with bookmakers that are licensed by reputable oversight agencies. We consider the UK Gambling Commission to be the gold standard of licensing jurisdictions because it is based out of a first world country that has a strong legal system and a set of laws that specifically address online gambling.

Sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are obligated by law to restrict customers from certain countries where online wagering is clearly illegal. As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that it is (mostly) safe to bet online if any of the bookmakers featured here let you sign up and create an account.

However, no system is perfect and laws change all the time. The UK Gambling Commission is a government agency, and governments are notoriously slow to react to change. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to check the laws where you live and seek qualified legal advice before you bet on boxing online – or on any other sport for that matter.

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