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Football is extremely popular in the United States, but gamblers from all around the world are taking advantage of the exciting wagers and high profits available on football gambling sites. Although football has a number of different games and leagues for users to gamble, they are easy to track because each team only plays once a week. This gives gamblers plenty of time to do research and make educated wagers. The best football gambling sites feature a convenient, user friendly experience with many different types of bets available.

Football Online Sports Gambling Info

The most popular wager on football gambling sites is the point spread bet. In these wagers, the favored team gives points to the underdog to equalize the matchup for gamblers. If you gamble on the favored team, they must beat the other team by more than the point spread for you to win. On the other hand, if you gamble on the underdog, they must either lose by fewer points than the point spread predicted or win the game outright for you to be successful. Although rare, if a tie occurs in the football game you gamble on, you are returned any money you wagered on the game.

Gambling on the over/under is also common on football gambling sites. This involves wagering on the predetermined total of each team’s score. If you think the actual final score will be greater than the prediction, you gamble on the over. If you think it will be less, you gamble on the under.

Another wager available on football gambling sites is money line bets. This is simply gambling on who you think will win a particular game. There are no point spreads in money line wagers. Odds are given for each team. A successful wager on an underdog will have a higher payout than a winning bet on the favorite.

Attributes of Top Rated Football Betting Sites

As gambling on football is so common in many different countries throughout the world, it is one of the most widely offered sports at online betting sites. There is loads of football gambling sites to choose from if you want to bet on the game online so you have plenty of choice. However, not all of these sites are of the same standard. We have listed a selection of what we believe to be the best football gambling sites above. We list these betting sites based on a number of factors, in particular the five points we have listed below.

  • Ease of Use. The time you spend with your online football betting should be spent doing your research and analysis, and deciding which wagers to place – and not having to waste ages navigating a poorly laid out site to place those wagers. The top football gambling sites are well designed, modern web sites that make it easy to find what you are looking for get your bet on.
  • Customer Rewards. The online gambling industry is really competitive, particularly for sports betting. This is great news for the customers of gambling sites and these companies do their best to attract new customers and retain them. One particular way they do this is by offering incentives to new customers in the form of sign up bonuses. Many football gambling sites will credit you with a bonus the first time you deposit – meaning you get extra money to wager with. A number of online bookmaker sites also reward regular customers with other bonuses and free bets, and you can get plenty of extra value from your football betting this way.
  • Banking Options. The best football gambling web sites will provide you with several ways to deposit money into your account. The popular methods include credit cards, wire transfers and various e-wallet services. Before signing up at a football gambling site you should ensure that they offer at least a couple of options that suit your own preferences for depositing.
  • Size of Wagers Allowed. If you tend to make small wagers or if you like to bet particularly high, then you will need to be using a betting site that caters for those kinds of bets. The best football gambling sites will have low minimum stakes for those that prefer to make small wagers, and high betting limits for those that like to bet big.
  • Best Football Odds. Betting on football online should be about having a bit of fun, but ultimately it is about trying to make some money. The best football gambling sites are competitive in the odds and prices that they offer, giving you a better return on your winning bets. You should always do some odds comparisons before deciding where to place your football bets online.

In addition to these particularly important points, there are certain other aspects of football gambling sites which we believe are worth taking into account. These are follows, some of which may be more relevant to you than others.

  • Gambling License. We would recommend that you only ever place real money wagers at a betting site that holds a gambling license issued by a recognised authority. There are unlicensed gambling operators out there and your funds may be at risk if you use such a place.
  • Reputation and History. The top football gambling sites have been around for a while and have a good history of looking after their customers and paying out in a timely fashion. It is always advisable to bet with an online bookmaker that has a good reputation.
  • Range of Bets Available. There are many more wagering opportunities for betting on football than simply choosing which team will win. The best football gambling sites will offer a wide range of different bets, such as a good selection of prop bets. Prop bets are popular in football and can cover a whole host of things – even down to which team will win the opening coin toss at the Super Bowl.
  • Event Coverage. We’ve just mentioned the Super Bowl and it is somewhat obvious that this event attracts a lot of interest from sports bettors. As such all the football betting sites will have extensive betting markets on the Super Bowl in addition to all the NFL matches. The best football gambling sites will cover other leagues too and offer betting markets, such as the United Football League, the Canadian Football league and NCAA football.
  • Helpful Customer Support. The best football gambling sites have a customer support team that are helpful, and responds quickly to any queries or issues you may have. Ideally, they will offer a number of contact options and be available around the clock.
  • Extra Features. Some online bookmakers and betting sites will provide additional features on their websites – such as expert analysis of upcoming games or comprehensive statistics on teams and players. These features can be useful to both beginners and seasoned gamblers when it comes to deciding what wagers to make.
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