The best golf gambling sites mainly offer bets to be placed on the PGA and LPGA leagues. Golf is a prevalent and internationally recognized sport that draws in many people who place bets on events and players. For many golf enthusiasts, betting on their favorite players is an absolute must.

Having a little experience with various golf betting sites, I can help you find the right betting site for your needs and offer some advice to help you find the appropriate sports wagering website to place bets on golf.

1. Read Reviews of Online Sports Wagering Sites

Obviously, not every sportsbook review you read online can be trusted. But most Internet users can tell a spam site from a legitimate review. Spend a little time reading reviews of sports wagering sites that offer golf bets, and you’ll start to get an idea of what some of the better sites are and which sites to avoid. Generally speaking, you should stick with sports wagering sites that have been around for many years, especially those that may have a physical presence, not just an online betting site.

2. Join a Golf Betting or Sports Betting Forum

Forums for sports bettors and golf betting, in particular, exist to help people just like you, who may be interested in placing a golf wager but aren’t totally sure where to bet, how to bet, or what they can expect from a golf betting site.

3. Look Around at a Variety of Golf Betting Sites

Now that you’ve got the names of a few reputable and popular sports betting Web sites that let you place bets on professional golf, it’s time to check out the sites themselves. Click on every link you see, dig around and look at all the golf betting options. Pay particular attention to things like bonuses, promotions, and customer loyalty programs that can actually put a little money in your gambling bankroll just for becoming a member of a given site. Also, check out your bet varieties at these different sites; not all golf betting pages are created equal, so make a mental note of the ones that offer the types of bets you like and promotions that you are happy with.

4. Contact a Site’s Customer Service Before Placing a Bet

This is the most important step in choosing a golf betting site. Customer service is a huge part of online sports betting, so test out a site’s customer service package before you jump in and make a deposit. If the site’s customer service staff is unfriendly or unhelpful in any way, move on to the next site. You’ll probably end up dealing with customer service more than you think, so finding a customer service system that you’re comfortable with is an important factor in building a relationship with a golf wagering Web site.

How To Bet On Golf Online

Three basic types of golf bets exist allowing gamblers to wager on golf tournaments, matches, and even charity or pro-am events.

The most common type of golf bet is a wager on which golfer they think will win an event. Another common bet in golf wagering is to pick a golfer to finish in the top three. Finally, a common golf wager is when you select a golfer to finish a tournament higher than a particular one of his opponents.

Sure, other bets exist, especially a wide range of exotic bets, but these are the three most common. Let’s take a quick look at how golf betting works.

Golf Betting Odds

When you open up a set of gold betting odds, in particular odds for one golfer to win an event, it will generally look a little bit like this totally made-up set of odds for a made-up tourney:

Tiger Woods + 150
Steve Stricker + 250
Phil Mickelson + 300
Ernie Els + 600
Field + 700

If you’ve done any gambling before, you can tell that these are called money line odds. These numbers tell you the amount you win for every $10 you wager on that particular golfer.

Using the above example, for every $10 you wager on Tiger Woods, you would earn an extra $15 if he wins the entire tournament. If you were to bet on Ernie Els in our fictitious example, you’d win $60 for each $10 you bet, meaning a $100 bet on Els would pay off $600 in winnings if he were to take home the tournament cup.

Remember that your initial wager is also returned to you on all winning bets so that $600 win on Els would actually be worth $700–your $600 in winnings plus your $100 bet.

Notice that word “field” up there? That’s a common entry for sports betting Web sites and sportsbooks. The word “field” refers to the entire group of golfers competing not named in the money line odds. That bet represents all the other golfers competing unlisted in the money line above.

It may seem like an easy win to bet on the “field,” though sportsbooks usually know how to make money lines and are unlikely to list a player in the “field” that has even a small chance of winning a tournament. “Field” bets are seen as sucker bets in the golf betting community, at least among the golf gamblers I hang around with.

Odds for Finishing in the Top Three

Sportsbooks offer lower odds on bets for a given golfer to make a top-three finish since this outcome is more likely. The odds will always be lower when you place a wager on a particular golfer to finish in the top three.

Here’s an example of odds for different golfers to finish in the top three in a total fictional tournament:

Tiger Woods – 160
Phil Mickelson + 100
Ernie Els + 200
Field – 110

Notice the minus sign in front of Tiger Woods’s number. That means you’d actually have to risk $16 for every $10 you want to win for betting on Tiger to finish in the top three.

Head to Head Finish Odds

Odds for head-to-head finish bets are set up between two professional golf players. These wagers aren’t as common as the above ones but are still available at most sports betting sites. In this case, you as the bettor don’t care what position your golfer finishes in as long as he places higher than his competition.

A money line set of odds for a wager of this type might look something like this:

Phil Mickelson – 190 Steve Stricker + 150

If you bet on Phil to finish higher than Steve Stricker, you’ll have to risk $19 for every $10 you want to win. If you instead choose to bet that Stricker will beat Phil in this fictional tournament, you’ll bring home $15 for every $10 you wager if Steve pulls off the upset.

Golf Prop Bets and Exotic Wagers

Prop bets, also known as exotic bets, are wagers on things other than the outcome of a tournament, match, or charity event. Prop bets are common in all forms of sports gambling and range from wagers on the outcome of an individual play to the length of time it takes for a golfer to move from one hole to the next. These exotic bets are a lot of fun for gamblers bored with traditional golf wagering, and though they may sound a little silly, they can add excitement to an otherwise humdrum golf tournament.

Prop bets exist for many sports. Some baseball bettors will bet on how long it will take a singer to sing the national anthem. Olympics bettors often wager on which country will be the last to win a gold medal. Every sport has its own lineup of exotic or prop bets available at different online sports betting sites.

Examples of Golf Prop Bets

A common form of a proposition or exotic betting in golf is to pick the top golfer from a given country during a PGA season, such as picking the “top Irish golfer” or “top American golfer.” These bets take an entire season to play out and so aren’t as exciting as prop bets that may take just a few minutes to play out.

You can even place bets on things like “Will ___ four-putt one or more holes during a round” or “Will ___ hit a hole-in-one during this PGA season.” Pretty much any sort of exotic bet you can imagine is probably available at your chosen online golf betting sites.

Other Ways to Make Prop Bets

Exotic bets are common in friendly betting situations. My friends and I like to make exotic bets during our actual rounds of golf. For example, we may put a $5 bet on who will be the first to cuss after a bad shot or who will be the first to finish his bottle of Gatorade. The whole point is to make the game a little more interesting and place wagers on things besides the match’s outcome.

Exotic bets are common in all sports, and you can find prop bets on golf events at all the major golf betting sites. If you’re really into prop and exotic bets, make sure you hunt around for golf wagering Web sites that provide a wide range of proposition bets on various golfing events.

Depositing Funds At Golf Betting Websites

Deposit methods can be defined quite simply as ways to add money to your golf betting account. Depending on where you live in the world, you may be able to use a simple deposit method like a direct bank draft or credit card or, especially if you live in North America, you may need to join an eWallet service or third party payment processor to get your money from your bank to your player account.

What Deposit Methods are Available for Golf Bettors?

Generally speaking, Americans and Canadians will not be able to send money to their online sports betting accounts using their debit or credit cards, thanks to conservative banking regulations that limit how financial institutions can do business with known gambling sites, especially sports betting sites.

A list of some of the more popular deposit methods for golf betting sites:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Wire transfer services
  • PayPal
  • Check by courier
  • Bank check
  • eWallets (UseMyBank, GiroPay, UKash, etc.)

The amount and type of deposit methods available to you depend mostly on your country of origin and the laws in your area related to how players can fund gambling sites.

What Do I Do if I Can’t Send Money to My Online Golf Betting Account with my Bank Account or Credit Card?

This is a common problem, especially if you live in North America, Canada, or Europe. But have no fear–there are legal and safe ways to deposit funds to your online sports betting account.

Look for a third-party payment processor that does business with customers from your country. Generally speaking, these third parties act like middlemen. You fund your third-party payment processor through your bank, credit card, or debit card and then transfer money from that payment transfer method to the sports betting site of your choice.

Make sure the golf betting site you plan on patronizing accepts deposits from your chosen third-party funds transfer service before you set up an account. Having an account with a third-party payment method won’t do you much good if your favorite sports betting site won’t do business with them.

Will Golf Betting Sites and Deposit Methods Ever Get Easier?

With the world economy struggling and many American states considering the legalization and regulation of online gaming of all types, likely, some parts of the world where people are currently having trouble making deposits to golf betting sites will soon have easier access.