Soccer Gambling Sites

Placing bets on the sport of soccer has been a favorite pastime for many generations. Soccer, also referred to as football, has a considerable number of available gambling sites. It is one of the most popular sports in the world, and the betting scene that accompanies it is expansive and thriving. The best soccer gambling sites have enormous online fan bases of fellow bettors that add to the atmosphere of intense competition.

Soccer Online Sports Gambling Overview

Soccer is a sport that is internationally followed and gambled on by a huge population of people world wide. The best soccer gambling sites are open to accepting bettors that hail from most countries. The most commonly placed wagers are straight bets, usually on the predicted winning team. The best soccer gambling sites also offer alternative betting types that involve higher risks and larger potential monetary winnings.

The best soccer gambling sites regularly update tournament schedules to keep you reminded about upcoming events that you can gamble on. Many reputable soccer gambling sites also stream the tournaments on the website, allowing you to view the game live with thousands of others who have placed wagers. Few other sports do this for the gambling sites that they are hosted on, so many choose to place their bets on the best soccer gambling sites for this reason.

Attributes of Top Rated Soccer Betting Sites

We have mentioned how popular a sport soccer is, and how it attracts lots of interest from gamblers. This means that most betting sites and online bookmakers will have markets for betting on soccer so you can bet on the sport at a whole range of different places. However, much as you should always think hard about what bets to place, you should also think hard about where you place those bets. We would advise that you stick to the best soccer gambling sites like the ones we have listed above. There are certain attributes and qualities that the top sites all have, such as these that we list below.

  • Competitive Odds. This is really important if you want to get the most out of your online soccer betting. The odds available on various soccer bets can vary quite significantly from one betting site to another. Some online bookmakers are not always that competitive, but the best soccer gambling sites will consistently offer the best odds to their customers. Quite simply, the better the odds the more you to stand to win so you should always look to gamble with a site that offers the best odds.
  • Minimum and Maximum Wagers. Soccer presents many betting opportunities and many bettors prefer to place a lot of bets, keeping the stakes quite small. As betting sites tend to have minimum wagers, not every site is suitable for small stakes bets. Equally, most betting websites have maximum wagers, which may not be high enough for those that like to bet big. The best soccer gambling sites cater for everyone and offer low minimum wagers and high maximum wagers.
  • Bonuses, Free Bets and Promotions. The best soccer gambling sites look after their customers – both new and existing. When you first join a site you can expect a sign up bonus of some kind, credited to your account after your make your initial deposit. If you are a regular customer, you can also benefit from additional free bets and various other promotions and rewards.
  • Range of Bets and Wagers. There is a huge range of bets you can place on soccer, and the best soccer gambling sites will cover them all. Obviously, betting on which team will win a match is common but there are loads more wagers you can make too. First goal scorer, correct score and number of goals are all popular bets that are available at the top sites. You will also usually find a host of specials and prop bets too, and be able to bet on the outcome of individual matches and overall results in leagues and tournaments.
  • Worldwide Coverage. Soccer is played in countries all around the world and there are plenty of different leagues and competitions. Some betting sites will only offer betting markets on the particularly high profile leagues such as the English Premier League or Spanish La Liga. However, the best soccer gambling sites will comprehensively cover a range of competitions across the whole world, meaning you will always have plenty of matches to bet on.

The above factors are all points that we consider particularly important, although some may be more relevant to you than others. There are also a few other attributes that you would expect the best soccer gambling sites to have, as follows.

  • Layout and Usability of Site. Online betting is supposed to be fun and entertaining as well as providing the opportunity of winning money, and it is much more enjoyable to gamble online when it is easy to do so. The best soccer gambling sites are well laid out with the customer in mind, and very easy to use.
  • Licensing and Regulation. Betting sites should be licensed and regulated by a recognised authority. We strongly advise sticking to soccer gambling sites that hold a full gambling license.
  • Reputation and History. Many of the top gambling sites have been offering soccer betting for years, and have a great reputation for treating their customers well. It’s a good idea to stick to the reputable sites that have a proven track record.
  • Additional Features. There are many additional features that can be offered by betting sites. The best soccer gambling sites will provide plenty of useful information on their web site – such as past results, player and team statistics, head to head records and useful analysis and tips from experts on the game. Another great feature that is now quite common at the top sites is live soccer betting. This enables you to place bets online while the game is taking place, meaning you can watch the action unfold and then place your wagers accordingly.
  • Quality of Customer Service. Good customer service makes for a better all-round betting experience and the top sites recognise this. The best soccer gambling sites will have a helpful customer support team that can be contacted any time.
  • Depositing and Withdrawing. Last, but by no means least, online sports gambling sites should make it easy to get your money in and out of your betting account. There should be a range of banking options for deposits and withdrawals and cash outs should be processed quickly.
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